Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Light through the leaves

We can feel autumn changing to winter around here today. There isn't any snow on the ground, but there is a definite winter chill in the air! Not all of the leaves have fallen off the trees, but a number have. I took photos of the changing leaves throughout the fall, from the beginning of October until last week. I have been planning during that time to share a collection of my favorite photos with you guys. Now seems like the perfect time to do so, as we're transitioning from fall into winter.

I ran into some relaxing autumn music on YouTube recently, and I think it's a good fit for these photos. So if you'd like to have a little mood music while you scan through these, here you go!

A link to the music: Autumn | Ambient, Minimalism, Piano Music

I've been listening to this music for over an hour and a half now. It actually plays for two hours!

This would be a good series of photos to watch as a slideshow if you're able to. At least for me, after clicking on one photo here, I'm able to scan through all of them in a larger size.

A little closer:

I thought this was an interestingly shaped tree.

I picked a few favorite leaves and set them out ~ Small, medium, and large:

Ginkgo leaves:

This is a sight I've seen many times. There have been leaf prints on this piece of sidewalk for years. Pretty cool, hey?

These next two photos aren't of leaves, but they are of pieces of nature I saw during the last week. These will probably be the last dandelion seeds I see until Spring.

And these grasses, looking so golden in the late afternoon sun, say "autumn" to me:

This last photo is a preview for my next blog post, the one about our annual trip to Cedarburg. This was taken on an upper floor of an old mill that is now split into shops. I loved the way the light was coming through these leaves on its way into the window. They look almost lit up! This photo happens to be my computer's wallpaper right now.

Hopefully, I will get that Cedarburg post up soon! As you can imagine, I took tons of photos there. It might take a while to go through them. But I know you guys will still be up for some extra Halloween stuff, even if you see it in December! 

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