Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tonight's Harvest Moon creeps out of the clouds

We're going to take a brief break from the Colorado blog posts, because I had to share some photos of tonight's Harvest Moon!

I'd taken some pics of the moon last night, thinking it was full at that time. Then I read that tonight was the actual Harvest Moon. So I planned to get out there again. It was pretty overcast when I looked out there tonight.

But after waiting maybe a half-hour, I eventually saw something glowing behind the clouds. It looks almost like there's a skull-type face in the clouds, hey? Complete with a few teeth.

I mean, that's pretty eerie. I'm really seeing a face looking down here, complete with lower jaw this time.

I was cheering the moon on, hoping it would make an appearance.

And then, for a brief moment, it did.

Then the clouds glided back over it and it began to rain! So that was some pretty lucky timing.

And what could be more appropriate music for tonight than this?

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The Frantics - Werewolf - 1960   I love this song!