Sunday, October 22, 2017

Caramel Apples and Chainsaw Art

I have another wholesome, sunny fall day for you guys! So in a way it's a continuation of my last blog post. Every year I look forward to our trip out through the country to the Elegant Farmer. This year, I spotted something fun before we had our caramel apples. There was an artist in front of a shop there, carving figures with his chainsaw.

How fun is his pumpkin man creation? Look at those toenails. There was also this spooky witch. She'll stare right through you!

So here is the carver at work:

I had to get a pic of his t-shirt. I love this.

Some of his previous creations were out on the lawn. It looked like he was making a gnome or Santa figure while I was photographing him.

I just checked out his web site after looking at the company name on this trailer. I got a kick out of the beaver with the chainsaw here:

Younger's Woodery

Across from the chainsaw artist, was the smiley face barn. I'm sure you remember this friendly face!

Time for the caramel apples! This year, we had some massive Granny Smiths.

I lucked into a lot of caramel, because my apple slipped while the girl was coating it. So it got a second go round. Mmm... Look at that reflection in the caramel. As usual, I ended up with a pile of random sprinkles/nuts in the dish.

Mom had the more sensible/easier to eat, pre-cut caramel apple.

You can see the wind was really blowing that day!

We had good timing and saw the electric trains coming in as we left.

You can see the wires there, above the train.

See the face in the light?

Has anyone heard of that "Storck" beer? Looking at the $2.79 a case part, we can assume that's an older brand.

For Pep, Drink Zep! 5¢ for a bottle Zep. That must be older than the Storck beer.

How cool is this window? It's like the window on a boat.

I love these old painted signs, like something you'd see on a building.

And should you forget this is an electric train...

Again, some cool graphics. I could see this on a t-shirt.

This sign was up near the tracks. How appropriate is this for Halloween?

Here are a few pics from our time driving there. I was actually trying to take  pics of the little pumpkins that were decorating that fence, and didn't even notice the big one! How funny is that? Looks like that jack-o-lantern is hanging off a crane?

I think they had a pumpkin patch or orchard. It's hard to tell from here. Cool spooky tree, anyway!

A gravel quarry:

We passed a Target on the way back where we saw this guy. This pumpkin creature is massive! I love his reaching hands.

We bought these cute little velvet pumpkins while there:

Hope you enjoyed the virtual trip to The Elegant Farmer! It's always a fun day for us and we had some awesome weather for it. I'll have some Halloween antiques coming up in the next blog post!


  1. Great post. You have me wanting a caramel apple now. I used to make them (a long time ago) for my tricker treaters, and they had to get through the barrage of spooks in my yard every Halloween to earn one. Some refused to come up to the door, that's how scary my house was in the small [then] town of Cortland.

    1. Lorelei ~ Thank you! :) Oh, those caramel apples are so good. The one I had this year might have been the best one I've ever had. The Granny Smith was just the right amount of tart with that caramel. It was also massive, so I was super full after eating it. Nevertheless, when I saw these pics of it on my computer later that day, I wanted to eat another one! :)

      Wow! You made caramel apples for your trick-or-treaters? That's pretty generous! I'm guessing you didn't have 100 kids coming by? Or did you not have to worry about too many kids getting one since your yard was scaring them off? ;) I'd like to see some pics of that scary yard display you had going!