Thursday, October 12, 2017

A quick trip to Kremmling

Driving from Steamboat Springs to Denver, we passed a small town that I'd really wanted to stop in. I'd noticed Kremmling on the way to Steamboat because of a cute ice cream shop sign. I still had it on my mind on our return and we were more than ready to walk around when we passed Kremmling again.

That sign is worth a second look. 😉 I really liked Kremmling. It just felt good being there. Everyone we ran into was incredibly nice too. I wish we could have walked around a little longer, but there was rain coming. We didn't need extra drama driving down through mountains!

Some of the buildings, or in this case the front of one, is like something out of an old Western! You feel like you're walking around a movie set.

We were told this was a silversmith's place back in the day, although we were thinking it was a blacksmith's.

I really tried to find some ghost stories from Kremmling online, but didn't have any luck. If anyone familiar with this area is reading this, please tell me anything! History, ghost stories, anything.

I thought for sure I'd find a ghost story about the Hotel Eastin. I mean, it's a hotel in an area this old! I did find some thrifty prices for it, though. Starting at $25!

I did a little reading about the hotel and found out it was built in 1906, by a man named Kasper Schuler. See, now we know it's haunted! Kasper. 😉 It was a bottling works/boarding house before becoming this hotel. I also read that Zane Grey wrote one of his books here. That meant something to my mom, who knows who he is.

Another movie set view.

I'm sure there's a name for this formation, but I haven't found it yet.

If I stare at this long enough, I start seeing faces.

I liked these Kremmling benches with the cut-out words. I had to stoop down to take this so the "Kremmling" could be seen.

So, on to that ice cream! How cute is this logo?

This was what I spotted on our way past. One cow for ice cream and one for coffee. That one cow is really into that coffee!

I only noticed now while looking at these photos that the cows are different colors on both sides.

In front of the ice cream/coffee place:

I just noticed that little metal coffee cup man waving off the roof.

As you walk inside, you meet this bear. What a surprise! It really puts things into perspective, as far as the size of a standing bear vs. you.

How about this warning sign?

There were a few cute sculptures in there too.

Looks like a coffee can hat.

I liked the mustache on her friend here.

You can see a bit of the ceiling here. These look like the numbers people have worn in ski races.

The whole ceiling was covered!

The ice cream was really good. I had some coffee ice cream and mom had some raspberry. Back to the cool, old buildings. This one was built in 1903. If you go here: Heritage Park Museum, you can see what this looked like long ago. I know the pic is tiny, but it's worth a look.

Down some streets behind the ice cream place and shops.

The sky was so open.

We passed this restaurant on the way out of town. It's "The Grand Old West".

We did experience a little bit of rain after our visit to Kremmling. This is not what you want to see while driving, but I did enjoy taking some photos.

Pretty dramatic clouds, hey? I saw some lightning too, but I didn't get any photos of it. Next blog post, we'll be doing some Halloween shopping in Denver! 


  1. What a quirky town! I love it when you find an unusual place like this. That sign about roadkill makes you do a double take.

    1. Alison ~ Haha! Yeah, I definitely did a double take on that sign. :) I wish we'd had more time to look around. It was a fun, friendly place. Actually, I wish we'd had time to check out a few more small towns on our way through the mountains. It was a three hour trip, so we didn't want to take a lot of time to stop. But Kremmling lured us in with their cute cow signs. :)

  2. You had quite a trip to Colorado. Seeing parts many folks never venture into. Like Kremmling. Some tidbits about Kremmling - western author Zane Grey stayed there for a time and even used the area in one of his books. There was a German POW camp there during WWII - the prisoners cut ice for shipment to other locales. And there is a Folsom Archaeological site nearby.

    1. Jeanne ~ We did! We had that brief stop in Golden (not sure if you saw that blog post), several days in Steamboat Springs, and then a few days in Denver. And of course, this brief stop in Kremmling. So we packed a lot into a week!

      You're sounding pretty familiar with Kremmling! So you've been there? Yeah, I read that the Eastin Hotel (shown above) was a place Zane Grey stayed! Mom was familiar with Zane Grey and impressed by that trivia. I'd heard of him, but that's about it. Turns out my grandfather was a fan of his.

      I didn't know about the POW camp. How interesting. Well, there definitely would be some ice on hand to cut in the winter. I also didn't know about the archaeological site! I ought to look that up.

      We're having our Halloween party tomorrow, but after that I'll have some time to write you. I was glad to see your blog response about Victor! I'll have some Victor-related stuff to share/ask.