Saturday, September 2, 2017

Classy Candles and Glittery Gourds!

I have more fall and Halloween finds to share with you guys! My mom and I, while on the search for some clothes for my cousin's wedding, visited a mall that we don't usually check out. This mall has some fancier shops. I was so struck by how well the Halloween items were displayed, that I felt a blog post in the making!

So, we'll start at Bath & Body Works. This mall has White Barn candles included with the Bath & Body stuff. These fox candleholders were the cutest of what I saw there. 🦊

This pretty leaf candleholder looks enameled to me. I just had to check on the name of this candle. It's simply called "Autumn". If you're interested, here's a link to it: Autumn candle. I was surprised to find that it smelled like cider. Looking at the fragrances added, I can see why. But I didn't notice anything like the Eucalyptus or Fir they're mentioning!

A blingy leaf candleholder that reminds me of a crown:

It doesn't come through so much in this photo, but I was trying to capture how well these candles/candleholders were lighted. This store is a cut above the regular Bath & Body Works I'm used to. That's probably because it's a flagship store. I'm not used to seeing their products displayed on dark furniture with built-in lighting.

The "Bones & Co. Apothescary" ceramic shop. That's a perfect theme for something being sold in a Bath & Body Works. 😊  I only just noticed that it's an "Apothescary".  This is from the White Barn brand, so I'm assuming it holds candles.

Big spiderweb candle holders, that I'm sure would look very nice at night.

I'm not really sure how to describe this candle holder. It's one of those things that looks different in person. But it was in sort of an antique lantern or clock shape.

This metallic pumpkin was lit up inside. The light changed colors. I happened to catch it while it was green, but the purple looked amazing.

A goofy skeleton man candle holder:

This little cutie was peering over one of those flameless candles that actually looks pretty realistic. It was one of those where the fake flame actually moves back and forth.

And here's a far away look at one of the displays. I thought the broom and little twinkle lights were a nice touch.

Another store in the mall that was ready for Halloween was Restoration Hardware. If you don't know about this store, there's a clue to what they're all about in the name. The items they sell look like restored old furniture, light fixtures, decorations, and of course hardware.

The entrance to the store was set up to look like a stand at a farmers' market.

Inside the store were the upscale type of decorations I expect from Restoration Hardware. Everything was arranged so nicely.

This is one of my favorite photos from the day. This might need to become my desktop wallpaper. So there were these neat, beaded spiders which casted quite the shadows, a glass skull, and a screened looking candle holder that I'd love to have!

I really liked the way this display was put together. I'm committing to memory how cool it looks to put something glittery and glamorous in a rustic container. It's like wearing blingy jewelry with jeans. It's cool and unexpected. I just noticed the words on the crate. Maybe that's Swedish?

Yo-ho-heave-ho! The skeletons are carrying this... I'm not sure, really. I was thinking this could hold a floral arrangement in the middle of a table. My mom is thinking this is for holding ice. What do you think?

A front view:

I'd seen these very same skeleton goblets (or something very similar) in a Ross store recently. Suddenly, in this classy environment, they looked a lot better! I'd picked them up in the Ross store, and found the grip to be pretty strange. You're basically holding a boney little metal thing, so I wouldn't say it's comfortable. But they're cute!

And last, but not least... Check out this cool witch hat bottle stopper! This is a tempting buy. I didn't even notice those metallic pumpkin stoppers behind it until now. They're pretty cool as well.

Again, this blog post is going to work as a bookmark list of all the cool Halloween stuff I've been seeing out and about. I'd probably think of going back for the fox candle holder and this witch hat stopper. That screened crow candleholder was pretty amazing too.

This will probably be my last blog post for a little while. We'll be flying out to Colorado next week for the wedding, and there's still some last minute stuff to get done. I have in mind one place in Golden Colorado that I'd like to photograph if I see it. It's the Buffalo Rose. I don't think it will be hard to find. I'll try and get some pics of this reportedly haunted bar and maybe write a blog post about it when I return!


  1. Just hit B&BW yesterday. I love the art on the jar candles. I got a plug-in that is similar to that skeleton in blue, and it's also a nightlight.

    1. Dex ~ Your Halloween shopping has begun! Muahahaha! ;) I loved the art on the jar candles too. I didn't see any skeleton plug-ins when I was at the store. I was just checking out their web site and saw a pretty cool haunted house plug-in/nightlight:

      Little Haunted House

      I love those green windows!

    2. I did see that house too. I love the cartoony art they have on everything this year.
      If you check my Twitter feed I posted a pic of the skeleton.

  2. The fall, my favorite time of year!