Saturday, December 10, 2016

Welcome to the Christmas Blog Party!

Welcome to the Christmas sweater/outfit blog party! This year, I'm hosting a Christmas blog party instead of a Halloween one. Every guest sent me a pic of themselves in their Christmas attire. Future guests are welcome, by the way, if you'd like to send me a pic.

So, here I am in my sweater welcoming you guys to the party with a plate of cookies.

I actually ended up liking parts of this outfit and plan on wearing them together in the future. Those are icicles hanging on my sweater zipper and the garland was a Dollar Tree find. 50ft for a $1.00 you guys! It's now draped all over the place as a decoration. A close up of the eyeshadow and the hat, because how many times am I going to be able to share that?

That's a little cocktail umbrella on the hat

I'm including two pics of Patricia, because I like both of these so much I couldn't decide. She's brought her friend Roger to the party here and she's wearing her Jack Skellington sweater.

And here she's brought her boyfriend, mom, and aunt to the party.

Miranda is bringing the Halloween spirit to Christmas! The decorative Halloween sweaters are actually news to me. I've only just recently learned of them! Turns out there's quite a collection on ebay. Isn't this a cute Halloween vest? I love the lights on this tree too, the pink and turquoise.

Jason is super festive as the elf at the party, complete with mini-elf. :)

Melody dropped by in her new sweater - pink with candy canes and bows:

Because no party is complete without music, here's the perfect playlist for this theme! I looked for some vintage songs since a lot of Christmas sweaters and outfits are out of the archives. Enjoy these 12 vintage Christmas songs and this groovy living room setting!

Here are some rum balls for you to pass around:

And some cupcakes:

And a little Christmas quiz for you:

Which TV shows featured these 16 Santa Clauses?

I warn you, this is a tricky one! I got 9 out 16 correct. There are some clues in the backgrounds if you look closely.

Feel free to send me pics of yourself in your wildest Christmas sweater or outfit! I'll keep adding to this post. And thank you to those who sent in pics! They all brightened my day.


  1. Replies
    1. Patricia ~ (I know it's you from clicking on the "unknown") Glad to hear it! It's funny, I was going to say "Glad to hear it, whoever you are" :) But it's better knowing it's you!

  2. Great party I have to say the hat is awesome never would have thought to make that part of the ensemble. Please pass the rum balls on over here! And I made the nice list scoring 12 out of 16 not so bad. Have a wonder Christmas and if you could keep the snow up North that would be great.

    1. Bob ~ Thanks! Yeah, I was just having fun clipping/sticking stuff to my hat. I raided the Christmas tree for that bird. :) Haha! I'd pass the rum balls if I could! Actually, that's a pic of last year's rum balls, so they're long gone. But there will be more again this year. I make them every year. If you ever want the recipe, I'll send it your way. It couldn't be more simple!

      Hey, 12 out of 16 is pretty good! I couldn't believe how tricky that quiz was. I was confident in some of my answers, which turned out to be wrong.

      Oh, I figured you were getting more snow than we are! I saw on a weather report that the farther south you go in Wisconsin the more snow you're seeing. There's a difference of several inches from where I am and maybe a half hour away going south. So I figured northern Illinois was really getting it! How much snow did you get today?

      You have a wonderful Christmas too!

  3. Looks like fun. Sure wish I had an ugly sweater picture. Maybe next year. Merry Christmas!

    1. Julie ~ Thanks! Well, should you find yourself in an ugly sweater between now and Christmas, send me a pic and I'll add you to the party. :) Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. Well look at you! Isn't everyone festive! I've been out sick for a few days so missed the party, but looking at the photos has cheered me up no end!

    1. Alison ~ Thanks! :) I'm glad that you felt more cheerful after looking at these pics. They cheered me up a lot too. I got a good laugh at myself in the process of dressing up. :) Yup, everyone is looking festive! If you want to join in some time before Christmas, I'll happily add you to the group.