Monday, November 14, 2016

Tonight's Super Bright Super Moon

Did you all get out and see the Super Moon? Tonight, the moon is the closest it has been to earth since 1948!

It was so bright, I actually had to look away from the camera as I took some of these pictures.

I was zooming way in. Something I've noticed about photographing Super Moons is that they give off a pink and purple glow on my camera's screen as I'm taking my pictures. That doesn't happen when I take photos of the regular moon. Unfortunately, the pink and purple doesn't show up in the pictures.

You can see a bit of the ring around the moon that I saw, though.

I like the way the tree branch appears to be holding up the moon in this one.

I took a photo using the flash and got this neat, orange glow. There's a bit of green there too for some reason.

It had been a bit cloud covered at first.

Last night, the moon was looking more gold and not just with the flash. It was that Harvest moon color.

Isn't that pretty?

The moon had started out as a sort of brightness behind the clouds. I stood out there watching it, camera in hand. In what felt like a thoughtful move from the moon, it rose up out of the clouds as I stood there.


Interestingly, the branches in front of the moon look a little transparent. And if you magnify this photo, you might see this light greenish line curving over the top of the moon.

The moon won't be this close to us again until 2034!

If any of you took some pictures of tonight's Super Moon, I'd like to see them! It's possible that the moon looked a little different where you are.


  1. I didn't get a chance to see it, thanks for sharing your photos :)

    1. Raymond ~ Hey! Good to hear from you! Quite a few people told me that they couldn't see the moon, either because they didn't get a chance to go outside or because it was overcast where they were. So now I'm really glad I shared these photos!

  2. I've been looking at the super moon - very clear. You've got some great pics here. Moons always look great behind clouds and trees! One bit of "Halloween" we can enjoy all year. Is your backyard spooky at night?

    1. Matt ~ Thank you! Yeah, it was a bright one! I agree, the moon was clear and a different shade of white. Almost like ivory or pearl. You could see an extra glow. Were you able to see that bright ring around the edge of the moon last night? It was only like that for maybe an hour.

      Oh yeah, I like the look of a tree silhouetted against the moon. And there are always different options as far as trees around here. Depending on where I stood, I could get all kinds of branch effects. Yes, definitely a bit of Halloween year-round!

      Oh, I'm starting to think it's getting spookier around here. You'll be able to relate to this, because I know you have a few animal friends drop by. Sometimes when I'm out at night, especially around Midnight, all kinds of critters come by. I think I told you that this summer I took a photo with a flash in the dark just to see what would come up, and to my surprise there was a set of eyes looking at me! I didn't even see them without the aid of a camera. It turned out to be a rabbit, but still.

      And I've been hearing a Great Horned Owl off and on the past few weeks. So they're out there! Between critters creeping around and the strong winds we've had lately, it's been spooky!

  3. Awesome pictures. I took some too.

    1. Julie ~ Thank you! :) Cool, are they on your blog? I'd like to see them!

  4. great shots! It was overcast last night but Sunday night I did gwt some cool shots!

  5. DJ Trish ~ Thank you! :) Yeah, Sunday's moon was great too. Totally different color. It's interesting how the moon's color can change from night to night. I wonder why that happens?

    I just did a little searching, and found an article explaining that:

    Why the moon looks different colors