Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Welcome to the Witch Party! 2016

Hey guys! I'm excited to share this year's Witch Party photos with you. This year's party went really well. We were fortunate enough to have some nice, almost summery weather the night of the party. Things came together in a more organized way than ever, but then I guess we should have it together after having a Witch Party for 16 years! Can you believe it? Neither could our guests.

Here's one of this year's invitations. Going through the shops this year, I haven't been so much inspired by the Halloween merchandise as the Day of the Dead stuff. So I was in the mood for bright colors as well as gold for some reason.

See the eyeball? I was inspired by those Bizarro comics. You know how there's an eyeball hidden in those?

As I said in the last blog post, we were lucky enough to have some Halloween stamps this year! They looked nice on the purple envelopes.

This picture goes to show how nice the weather has stayed. There are still zinnias out there.

Here's that little floral display I mentioned in the last post, the one where I used the leftover flowers from my hat band.

Finally I found a way to work these life-size glitter skulls into a decoration. They were really pretty with the candlelight on them.

The other skull got to go in another prop that I never knew what to do with. It's depressing to have something locked in a cage, but to have a killer spider escaping from a cage works fine. I wanted it to look like the spider was storing the remnants of its victims in there!

You'll notice that the spider is holding what I think of as a ticket to the party. I found this free printout on The Graphics Fairy web site. You guys might want to check that out, because there are a lot of vintage looking Halloween printouts there. (That link goes to the Halloween section.)

So I added a little glitter to the printout and there ya go:

I feel like this skull in a cage prop could work with a pirate theme too.

So going inside...

This came with my Victoriana calendar years back:

Remember the bottle collection and my spell book?

A slithery snake...

This witchy toad is actually a large pin you can wear. It came from one of our Cedarburg trips.

Can you believe mom made every one of these witch hats out of felt? This is a miniature witches' coat rack. That's a spooky tree holding the hats. See the little broom too? Each guest was supposed to get one of these hats, but I think they thought the hats were too nice to take. So the hat and coat rack remained intact. 

I was happy to find the last pack of those glitter balls at Dollar Tree. Can you believe they were only $1.00?

The paper fringe border gave a vintage look to the display, like when people decorated for Halloween with paper in the 1920s-30s.

The napkins were a Tuesday Morning find years back. They look like little shirts and they stand up on their own.

Mom also made the brooms.

One of the place cards:

A few of these glitter spiders were holding candles on the table.

The gold snakes I shared in the last post were out and about.

One blended in nicely on a big spell book.

This witch/crow statue made its debut this year after getting a makeover. She'd been a gift and was very plain before and had a different face.

So now I'm very happy with her and it's like she's a brand new decoration.

Here's my new hat band in action!

I included this one to show you my feet. I was really happy with how the sock and shoe combination went.

I found those shoes a decade or so ago at a thrift shop for $3.00. They're from the 60s and really well made. These kind of heels appear to be in style this year too. I'd been doing some of that genealogy research at the library and saw some old school photos of my grandmother on Ancestry where she and the other girls were wearing little foldover socks with their shoes. I thought "That is so cute! I want to try that!" So I had a chance to for the party, and this is my version of that look.

You'll have to bear with the angles on these photos, because it's hard to take a picture of your own foot. OK, so I wanted to show you a special feature of these socks. Here's one folded over:

And when you lift the cuff, you can see the skeleton's polka-dot boxers!

The earrings I wore:

And I had to include this picture to brag up that I actually got the false lashes on my entire eyes this time! With the advice some of you have given me, I cut part of the eyelashes off before applying them. That worked a lot better.

Mom in her outfit:

Some of you may have heard from me about these cookies! They're like a sugar cookie but with extra cinnamon added and they're amazing! I got the recipe last year in the WE Energies Christmas Cookbook they give out in Wisconsin. I only tried this one recipe out of the book but I've tried it again and again. I made these for New Year's (stars), Valentine's Day (hearts), and for summer (flowers). This time it was pumpkins. 

You'll want to try this simple and delicious recipe:

Cinnamon Hearts (Go to page 20 in the pdf)

So I decided to decorate each pumpkin a little differently:

Some were different warm colors and others had faces like traditional jack-o-lanterns.

These two characters were some of my favorites:

Him too:

The one with the sprinkles ended up reminding me of a doughnut.

Spiderweb pumpkin:

That bug started as a cat face with whiskers, then somehow morphed into a bug.

The cookies must have been good because a few people grabbed some to take home!

We had a new kind of ice cream, at least to us. It's called Chicago Brick, I assume because it looks like bricks on old Chicago buildings? Chicago Brick is three flavors: Orange Sherbet, Vanilla, and Caramel. It is so good! You might not think these flavors would go together, but they do.


We had fun playing around with some of those photo props on sticks:

I went outside to take a few photos as it got darker.

This skull you might remember from years past. You've usually seen it hanging out in the trick-or-treat bowl.

I was very fortunate to spot the moon as the clouds drifted off of it for a few minutes. The night was mostly overcast. I was making a point of looking for the moon because on the 15th we had a Full/Super/Blood/Hunter's Moon! How perfect is that for a Halloween party?

These are the gifts the guests brought:

Notice how they used the Bewitched font?

Some gourmet nuts:

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds, which I thought were popcorn kernels and some really good candy. Werther's Original caramel apple and Lindt's pumpkin filled chocolates.

A lavender scented dryer ball, which was new to me. It smells really good!

And a cute little witch ornament. Her hands were naturally out like that so I gave her one of the candies to hold.

Although, I think she could hang from that loop on her hat, she's propped up here on a candle holder.

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos! And speaking of parties, I'd still like to do the Halloween Blog Party the weekend before Halloween, so send me those costumed photos!



  1. Wow Justine - looks like fun. Your decorations are great. That witch who is riding the crow is really neat. I like that spell book behind her too. The food looks yummy as well. Nicely done!

    1. Lady M ~ It was! Thank you. :) It's always fun decorating for the party. It's of course fun decorating for Halloween in general, but every year there's a new theme or color combination to think about.

      Thanks for the compliment on the witch/crow! It's amazing how a decoration can go from humdrum to something you really like looking at with a bit of effort.

  2. Your party looks AMAZING as always! I love love love your invitations - did you make those?

    1. Miranda ~ Thank you! :) Yes, I made the invitations. It's a part of the party process that I enjoy doing each year. And that way, it's easy enough to print out matching place cards!

      I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming party photos!

  3. It all looks real nice! I'm especially impressed with the hat rack! Looks like a vintage feel this year, that's always good. Nice socks!

    1. Matt ~ Thanks! I was impressed with that hat rack too. I was impressed with the hats she made and how it could come together as a hat rack with the combination of a spooky tree and a black tray. It was one of those times where something neat can be made by using things you already have in a different way. Yeah! I thought things ended up looking vintage too, with the orange paper fringe around the tray and the treat bags.

      And thanks for the compliment on my socks! I've had those so long but never had a chance to show them off like this. :)

  4. Oh, looks like a great party. I would have eaten myself silly! Pumpkin cookies look great!

    1. Lorelei ~ It was! Haha, I did eat myself silly. :) By the time I was done with the cookies, ice cream, coffee, and wine, I knew I'd had enough! Not to mention dinner. :) Thanks! I had fun making and eating those cookies.

  5. Fantastic witch party, Justine! You always throw the best! Loving everything, from your thrifty finds, to your pumpkins, snacks, and outfit! :)

    1. Chris ~ Thank you! :) That's very nice of you to say. I love being able to share the party photos/experience with people who I know appreciate it! I know you and the other people reading this understand what goes into doing this and notice all the different Halloween details.

  6. Love you shirt! I enjoy reading about this party every year!

    1. Old Fashion Halloween ~ Thanks! :) I don't often wear that shirt, and I don't know why. Because I really like it! I guess I'm normally wearing my more traditional orange or black t-shirts through October. But I had a lot of fun wearing this one for the party and I liked how it looked with the long sleeve shirt underneath. It was a pink skull night. :)

      I'm glad that you enjoy reading about our party! I really enjoy sharing it with you guys!

  7. Maybe it's because we only see these once a year but this one seems like the biggest yet (or the most work lol)

    1. Dex ~ Haha! It's funny you say that because I felt like we went less nuts than ever preparing for this one. That's in part because we've done parts of the preparation in years past and know what we're doing by now. But also, I felt like we got to that point where enough work has been done to do it right but not so much that we're scrambling around. It's that way with a lot of projects. You can work hard and get to a certain point, and beyond that point no one is going to notice you did a ton extra. So I think we finally hit that sweet spot of doing juuuuust enough and no more. I even had time to be messing with false eyelashes this year. So that's when you know you're prepared with time to spare. ;)

      Why this might seem like the biggest yet, is because I took more photos than ever. I think it was 347 photos this time! Whew! Thank goodness for digital cameras. :) I probably took more photos because I had the time this year. I really had to weed through them to put this post together!

    2. Yeah, I think that is it, more photos than ever! btw, totally digging the spider and cage setup, great idea!

    3. Dex ~ Thank you! It was fun to finally get a chance to use that cage and the skulls, and to use the spider in a new way. It's normally creeping over the top of a chair.

  8. I love everything you put into the party!

    Love the witches hats on pumpkins.

    1. Mr. Bumblepants ~ Welcome to my blog and thank you! Yeah, pumpkins wear hats well. :)