Friday, October 7, 2016

Halloween decor and wild gourds at Stein's

Stein's Garden & Home has their Halloween outdoor decorations and extensive pumpkin assortment out and that made for a lot of photography fun. You might remember me mentioning Stein's in the past. Turns out these stores are only in Wisconsin, so I'm guessing most of those reading this will have to take this virtual tour to get an idea of their displays.

This ceramic pumpkin witch was my favorite of the ceramic decorations, which you'll see more of in a minute. Just think how cool this would look at night with a candle inside.

This is the view from the parking lot:

This makes me want to make a pirate jack-o-lantern scarecrow.

Here are the other ceramic decorations:

It looks like you can put a candle in this one's belly and maybe in his head?

There were plenty of classic pumpkins.

And also some little pie pumpkins:

The really mini ones:

Now we're going to get into some unique gourds. Some of what you're going to see was new to me. I'm just trusting that the names were correct. Maybe people labeled some of these in a creative way, but I think these are the real names.

Apple Gourds:


Sand Man Tan:

One to Many (Yes, with only one 'o' in 'to'):


These are some favorites:


Lunch Lady Gourds:

Tiger Stripe:

I think this was done with a temporary tattoo: 

Sorghum Stalks:

Regular bundles of corn stalks:

An adorable planter:

There were lots of autumn floral arrangements out too.

Mums and mums, as far as the eye could see:

So pretty.

I hope you enjoyed your little virtual trip to Stein's. While there, I had this song pop into my head. Maybe because it's a wholesome song and this felt like a wholesome day. Or maybe because the song is about a pumpkin. Enjoy!

Punky Punkin by Rosemary Clooney:

And good luck getting that out of your head!


  1. Oh, thanks for the tour, Justine. You are making me want to get out to our apple orchards in area so badly! I haven't been inspired for Halloween, yet. Just been too warm. But maybe this weekend... (shared!)

    1. Lorelei ~ You're welcome. :) There were actually some apples for sale in the parking lot! The growers were visiting different Stein's stores through the day to sell their apples.

      Oh, how warm has it been? The weather helps give me the Halloween motivation more than usual. We had a crazy hot summer here, so many 90 degree days. And then it just dropped off into cool autumn weather overnight!

      It would be fun to see some pics from the apple orchard if you end up going!

  2. Those are some great prices on ornamental pumpkins - around here most of those are in the $10 range. I love the name too - lunch lady gourd. Tee Hee.

    1. Lady M ~ I didn't even look at the prices! How funny. I should take a second glance at my photos. Wow, $10 for an ornamental pumpkin? That does seem high.

      Yeah, the lunch lady gourds! I was more curious about the name on those than any others. I wonder... Maybe somebody's lunch lady cooked up some gourds? I doubt that's it.

  3. I just LOVE those ceramic ghosts! We get a lot of stuff like this at grocery stores here in Texas, but I haven't seen anything like those ghosts before.

    I'm hoping to make it up to Wisconsin one of these falls, and I'll have to remember to find a Stein's when I do! :)

    1. Miranda ~ I don't think I've seen ceramic ghosts, pumpkins, any of this really at any other stores. My guess is that a ceramics shop makes these just for Stein's stores and craft fairs? I ought to look for a marking on one the next time I'm there. I saw a lady in line to check out with one of those ghosts. They're probably hot sellers!

      Yeah! The Stein's stores are all over Wisconsin as it turns out. They may be limited to only one state, but they've made the most of the one state they're in. :)

  4. Oh my! Ceramic JOL heaven! I would have gone broke lol. Did you buy anything???

    1. Yeah! Aren't they cute? I love that wicked one in the witch hat. Haha! There was a lot of shopping temptation, but I didn't leave with any decorations. Probably the most tempting things were the decorative gourds and those cool Cinderella pumpkins.