Monday, May 16, 2016

A little Halloween bird

At least that's what I thought when I saw its colors. This is actually a Baltimore Oriole. Have you guys seen these?

I was lucky enough to see two Baltimore Orioles in a week's time, and they're not exactly something I see every day! They must migrate through our area around this time of year.

I was also lucky that these birds stuck around long enough for me to get some photos of them, although it was a challenge. They were both hopping around high in the trees.

Baltimore Orioles have a really pretty song, if you're lucky enough to hear it.

You can hear it now actually, with the help of The Old Farmer's Almanac web site:

Baltimore Oriole Calls

A little closer

So pay close attention to the tops of the trees and you might just see some of these birds! I read that it's pretty common for them to be way up high. I've also heard that you can attract these birds with pieces of orange or jelly. They seem to like sweets and fruit.

Here is a very detailed schedule of their migration:

When you could plan to see orioles 


  1. That's a very pretty bird! I wasn't expecting the bright orange color. You're right, they have the perfect coloring for Halloween. I like the shot way up in the tree. Was this in your back yard? It's addicting taking pictures of animals, huh?

    1. Matt ~ I agree! It looks so tropical compared to the birds I normally see. The pictures with the green leafy trees were taken in that local park you've seen pics of in the past. I took those by the entrance to a forest.

      And the other pictures, the ones taken of the leafless tree, were in a neighbor's yard. I was glad for my camera's extreme zoom on those! Not only was that bird far away, but it was also way up high in a tree.

      In fact, it was so far from me that I didn't even know what I'd taken a picture of until I closed in on the pic I'd taken. I'd just heard that pretty bird call and decided to take a picture of whatever was up in that tree. I was sure surprised when I found out. So I went straight to google, searching for "orange and black bird" to find out what I'd seen. That's how unfamiliar I was with these. Then imagine my surprise to see another one in the park a few days later!

      Yes, it is addicting taking pictures of animals. I bet you've noticed I have that addiction. :) Birds, bugs, all kinds of critters!

  2. Replies
    1. DJ Trish ~ Thank you! :) How's your camera working for you now? I think you told me you got it back from the shop.

  3. Nice shots Justine! Have not seen any around here in Northern Illinois, but keeping my eyes open. Probably need to put some oranges out. I have seen a lot of orange feeders, but unfortunately, no orioles.

    1. October Boy ~ Thank you! :) Well, we're close enough that you might just see some of these flying through your state on the way up here. I haven't seen any orange feeders around here. Do you guys normally see orioles? It sounds like some people around you are expecting some, if they're putting out feeders. I was thinking about a bright orange bird liking to eat oranges, and wondering if it's one of those things like flamingos with red algae/shrimp. That maybe the color of what they eat has something to do with the color of their feathers?

  4. A Baltimore would be a rarity for us although we usually get 1 in Colorado springs during migration ( which is now). We see lots of bullocks orioles.

    1. Lady M ~ I looked up the bullocks orioles, because I wasn't familiar with those. Looks like they are a more yellow/orange color than the Baltimore orioles. How lucky for you to see so many of these! I'm looking at a map of the bullocks orioles' migration and there's no way I'd be seeing one. They travel only up through the Western U.S. How interesting. I wonder why they have such a different migration path from the Baltimore orioles? Maybe so each group gets enough resources?