Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The After Halloween Haul! 2015

It's time for the annual After Halloween Target Haul! This time it will be Target, Michaels, and Walgreens for the most part, although I did find a few random Halloween goodies here and there at other stores. During October, I was eyeing the store shelves, planning my attack for after Halloween when this stuff would go on sale. What's funny is that at that time I wasn't tempted by much of anything at all. In fact, I wondered if I'd even have a haul to share this year!

How surprised I was to see all this great stuff unearthed after Halloween. It must have been buried or too small for me to notice before. The only things I'd seen in October and were considering were the little bottle cap stakes from Walgreens and the cute jack-o-lantern towels from Kohl's.

So you know how these sales go. Over the past week, the sales have gone from 50% to 70% to 90% off! Some of these finds were only 10 cents. Get on over to Target and see what's left, because when I was there I ended up with a whole basket full of stuff for 10 to 20 cents!

So, let's start with what I found at Target...

Another cool looking pumpkin for the collection. This one I scored for only 60 cents!

Little orange milk cartons which I think could make good treat containers for The Witch Party:

I'm not sure what to do with these felt stickers. There are scrapbooking possibilities.

They could also look cute stuck on the corner of a picture frame.

I haven't opened this package of stickers yet. It looks like there are quite a few on these rolls. They appear to be all different.

A little wood house that came with paint to decorate it with. I think this will look cute lit up with a little candle inside.

A felt pumpkin pen that will probably end up stuck in with a floral arrangement. 

This light bulb was $1.00, so it was worth the risk. I figured I'd like whatever color it ended up being.

It claimed to be purple, but it was actually more of a bright magenta. Very pretty!

In a lamp:

I think that color of light could also be neat for Valentine's Day.

Some cute treat baggies that could go with a Halloween or Day of the Dead theme.

It's sort of hard to see what they look like when they're layered in a package like that, so I just stuck a white sock in one so you can see the skull.

Have you guys seen those metallic temporary tattoos they've come out with? There are so many pretty ones out there. I actually adhered some gold ones to a few vases recently, and they turned out really well! I haven't tried any on myself yet. I thought these witchy ones were pretty cute. They might also end up on a craft project.

Some black chalkboard gift tags. They could go either way as far as being Halloween themed, but they were with the Halloween stuff and marked down to 10 cents.

A black crow hand towel embroidered with gold thread.

It would be difficult to tell what this tray is without the picture I left on it. This could be used year-round in my opinion. It looks like a chalkboard tray, with that "Boo!" shown on it. There are so many chalkboard covered things now. I don't know if you've seen those chalkboard markers at Dollar Tree in different colors, but they work well. They're for when you want something more precise than actual chalk.

Orange burlap ribbon that works well for fall in general

This is how it looks on one of the urns.

Bakers twine. I see this on crafts all the time, so hopefully I'll be able to think of some way to incorporate this into a project.

Raffia and jute twine. Like the baker's twine, this should be good for some craft project. 10 cents each!

A roll of crepe paper streamers

There were lots of stickers marked way down. Each of these sheets were 30 cents.

Fuzzy spider stickers

Glittery bat stickers

This is another one of those products that may or may not be Halloween related, but it was with the other stuff and marked down to 30 cents per pen. They call these white markers "galaxy markers". The gold one was just labeled as a metallic marker. I have no idea why the white ones are called galaxy markers, do you?

I just gave the markers a try and was really happy with how they write! You get a nice, fine line. The white galaxy marker gives a chalkboard look and the metallic marker is like a fine point sharpie. What a steal for 30 cents! I should go back and get more if there are any left. They were up in the front with that stuff that's normally $1.00 to $3.00.

The galaxy marker what "Justine's" is in and the metallic marker is the "Halloween".

You can always use a bunch of this black cloth. This black gauze is sort of like the "creepy cloth" I've been using.

I was so pleased to find this wreath marked down 90% to $2.00. I'd been eyeing it on an earlier 50% off sale and then found it at another Target shoved up high on an otherwise empty shelf. Woo-hoo! It's fun to get an amazing deal on something that's related to fall in general. Then you can use it right after you bought it.

A close up. The leaves are glittery burlap and are on wires you can bend, so you can sort of rearrange parts of this wreath.


This is one of the few items I'd been eyeing in early October and was happy to find after Halloween. It's a big bottle cap design with a glittery spider on it. The bottle cap is on a stake that I think would look nice stuck in a potted plant.

I pictured this one outdoors for some reason. Only 19 cents!

This might be my favorite Walgreens find. I did not even see these "vampire bite" tattoos during October. Aren't they pretty? You're supposed to be able to stick them on yourself - so you can look like either the vampire or the victim. You could stick one by your mouth or two on your neck. But I plan to probably use these for craft purposes, like I would any regular rhinestones.

This glittery e.l.f liquid eyeliner was in with the Halloween stuff, which I found surprising. Maybe the thought was that this could go with a fairy or angel costume. Anyway, I'd been eyeing this for everyday purposes earlier. It is so pretty under eyes! It gives amazing sparkle and really stays in place.

Leaf clings that nicely can be used through Thanksgiving. I'm holding them up here so you can see how the light goes through them. They'll probably go on a mirror, though.


I was a little surprised to find any Halloween stuff leftover at Aldi. This bright spiderweb, complete with six spiders, will probably make some good filler in a vase. This was 25 cents.


Here's another of the few items I was admiring through October and actually found on a shelf yesterday. Kohl's had a lot of cute and overpriced  towels. This set of two towels was a little over $4.00 even now! And that was at 70% off. So that tells you that they cost a little too much earlier. Still, they're super cute and $2.00 a towel is fine. After finding stuff for under a quarter, it just seems like a lot!


I'm starting to see Michael's as just as good a place to go shopping after Halloween as Target! They had so many great little things. This Happy Halloween sign is probably going to end up outside my little gnome door with some rocks I've painted to look like pumpkins.

Some cool chalkboard labels

Random crinkly stuff that can look cool inside of jars, vases, etc.

How cool are these little coffins? You fold them up to make treat boxes. This is another thing that could be good for Day of the Dead.

An adorable little skull bracelet which I'll probably wear year-round. This was 20 cents.

A glittery "moon dust" box that I think could work well for holding Halloween jewelry.

This tricky little burlap banner is actually a "kit". And not just in the way where you string it yourself. You have to either punch holes in it or somehow bend it back over the string and glue it down. I don't know what to do with it. Any ideas or experience with this sort of thing? Luckily it was cheap!

Cute little jack-o-lantern ribbon

A beware sign that will probably end up standing in front of that little wood house after I paint it. It's about the right size.

Pier 1

There was a tiny bit of Halloween stuff leftover at Pier 1 yesterday. I don't know what kind of selection they had this year, because I didn't make it in there during October. This bracelet is good for Halloween, Day of the Dead, or everyday wear.


I saved my most exciting find for last! You remember that cool witch mug someone brought as a gift to The Witch Party this year? Well I found a companion for it at Marshalls. It was buried under some stuff and had a toy stuffed in it. It was one of those times where you don't know why you looked somewhere, but you're glad you did!

I just couldn't have been happier to find this. It's the haunted house version of the mug. So there are silhouettes of spooky old houses, tombstones, ghosts, and trees. Here they are together:

And inside, one says Witches Brew and the other says Trick or Treat. One has little stars and one has little crosses around the inside edge. I'm thinking the little crosses are supposed to be like the little tombstones outside the houses.

Looking at these photos, it occurred to me that the "Trick or Treat" message probably goes with the series of houses. Like how the kids would be going to each of these spooky doors.

So there's this year's haul! I guess I didn't have to worry about not finding anything after all. :)

I've been enjoying seeing what you guys have found after Halloween this year. So far, we've all found different stuff! Let me know if you guys have experience with any of these craft materials or have some ideas on what I can do with them. You'll probably see some of this stuff in a new form around next Halloween!


  1. Love the raven hand towel and the jeweled vampire bites - I could use some of those but they were no where to be found at both of the targets I targeted.

  2. Lady M ~ Thanks! Oh, I don't know if you just meant the towel, but the vampire bites are from Walgreens. I lucked out with the towel, because it was the last Halloween towel of any design left on the Target shelves. Is it just me, or were the stores a lot more picked over than usual this year? Just a day or two after Halloween and nearly everything was gone aside from candy and costumes. I ended up hitting nearly every Target in the area, at least four. Every Target had something different from the others, but still not much!

  3. You did well. The twine works well for closing those cellophane treat bags. I am amazed you found the crepe roll. They disappeared here the first week they were on the shelves. I think it was Halloween on a Saturday that wiped things out so fast. Michaels was 70% off the week before Halloween.

    1. Old Fashion Halloween ~ Thanks! Oh, that is a good idea for the twine. I would think that would look especially good on some vintage treat bags.

      Really? The crepe rolls went quickly for you! I actually don't remember seeing any for sale during October. The first and only one I saw was out for the after Halloween sale. I like how vintage it looks, like those old crepe decorations from the 1920s.

      Michaels was 70% off that early! It wasn't that way around here. I think it was 50% off before Halloween. The sales moved quickly, though. There were 80% off deals before I knew it.

      Yeah, having Halloween on a Saturday changed a lot of things. Sales and activities in general. It seemed like a lot was packed in to a very short amount of time!

  4. I don't think any of our stores ever mark things down to 90%! 70% seems to be the lowest they'll go. We had a Target here for about a year, and then they all closed down. But I could never find anything good in them and I suspect others felt the same and that's why they went belly up. I never saw the kind of good stuff in the Canadian one as I would see in other US blogger's hauls though.

    The only thing I'm really on the lookout for this year is black glittered tea lights, but so far no luck. You did really well! :)

    1. Insomniac's Attic ~ Oh? So people tend to buy up everything at 70% off? I get the feeling people wait for the prices to get even lower around here, because there's always some stuff sitting around at 70% off. I get really excited when I see a 90% off sign! It's rare. I don't think I see those extreme sales for too many other holidays. What's neat about the Halloween sales is that the stores are really ready to get all the Christmas stuff on the shelves, so they want that Halloween stuff out of there and fast!

      That's interesting about your Target store. I've noticed from other people's blogs that all of our Targets got different stuff for Halloween, even within the U.S. I hit four different Targets after Halloween this year, and every one had different stuff!

      Hmm... Black glittery tea lights. The place that comes to mind for me with those is Michaels. I have some neat purple glittery candles from there. They're fake, and I assume that's what you're looking for. Do you have a Michaels craft store where you are?

  5. Wow
    Great Pickups
    I'm starting on my Christmas mixes and your on the list to get one!

    1. DJ Trish ~ Thank you! Hey, that's neat! Something to look forward to. :) I've made a number of Christmas mixes over the years. I should take a look through them and burn you one as well!

  6. Justine - Looks like you got a lot of stickers! I really like the wooden house with the Halloween colors paint and the coffin treat boxes that you can fold up, those are good ideas! I've thought about making those kinds of items myself, as usual, someone beat me too it!

    1. Matt ~ I did! I went sticker crazy! At those prices, it's hard to hold yourself back. I love those little rolls of round stickers. I still haven't opened up that package to take a closer look. The spider stickers are actually fuzzy. I know I'll end up using all of them! I go through the Halloween stickers.

      I know I'm going to have fun painting that little wood house. I'm trying to decide on which colors to use. It will probably end up with some black glitter on the roof. Those coffin treat boxes ended up being 79 cents by the time I found them! They seem almost too cute to fill with candy and give away, but I'm not sure what else I'd do with them. I did put Halloween jewelry in that one wood coffin I painted, so that's always an idea.

      Yeah, great minds think alike! There have been times that I was sure I was the only person who'd thought of something, and then I end up seeing that very idea online. It's always surprising when that happens!

  7. You got a lot of great stuff! I'm all about the mugs & towels, tho - Excellent!

    1. Lisa ~ Thank you! Oh, yeah. I'm all about the mugs and towels too. Finding that mug was such a thrill! I don't think I'd seen any like those before this year. And those jack-o-lantern towels were a fun find. Glad Kohl's saved me a set!

  8. I must be not persistent enough, I never find anything with those kinds of discounts! I don't have that "crafty gene" to make cool interior decor out of what I could find anyways I guess. Probably just as well. Great haul!

    1. Mark ~ Oh, you just have to go shopping after Halloween to get these discounts. ;) Seriously, just go to Target four or five days after Halloween and you'll get the deals. I happened to be out and about in different areas of town and found myself near different Targets through the week. So these little deals kept trickling in. The only real persistence came in with the digging, but I'm one of those people who enjoy doing that. Searching under piles, climbing up on shelves, etc. That and dealing with some surprisingly aggressive after Halloween shoppers this year. You really have to dive in!

      You don't have that "crafty gene"!? Um... I've seen your props. I know the talent is there. I know building large scale yard decor is different from say, doing a tablescape, but I know you could handle it!

  9. Wow! Nice haul! I love the towels, the felt stickers and those mugs. Its a shame we have to wait now until next Halloween to use them! The holiday seems to come so slowly and be over much too quick.

    1. Ali ~ Thanks! :) Those are some favorites of mine too. It was such a surprise to find that second mug. Yeah, for the most part I will have to wait until next year to use these things, but I'm using a few of them now. The wreath and burlap ribbon work for fall in general. I agree that Halloween was over before I knew it! I could use at least another month of October. :)

  10. I went to Target too the day after but didn't get as much as you. I was very happy with what I did get for next year's decorations. The store was jammed with lots of others going after that 50%-70% off deals.

    1. Julie ~ What did you end up with from Target? What you see here actually came from four different Targets, so I didn't have that tremendous of luck on my first try. :) Oh yeah, some of those stores were jammed with shoppers when I was there too! I was surprised at how much I had to dive into the fray to get these goodies.

  11. Mantan ~ Thank you. :) Did you end up doing any after Halloween shopping this year?