Sunday, October 4, 2015

A bright autumn day at Stein Gardens & Gifts

I took some photos during my last visit to Stein Gardens & Gifts, because the atmosphere was so pleasant and autumny. It occurs to me that this store might just be local to my area. So for those who aren't familiar with it, Stein's sells a lot of different plants during the summer as well as garden supplies and decorative gifts.

Stein's was packed with pumpkins and in the middle of them was this giant, foamy jack-o-lantern.

The Great Pumpkin?

Pie Pumpkins

I like stems with personality.

Wasn't this a pretty day for photographing the pumpkins with that bright blue sky?


See the one that looks like a swan?

Here's some of that beautiful flowering kale. I love seeing it in autumn floral displays, especially in antique looking urns.

I like the way the leaves glow as the sun shines through them.

I can't remember what these spiky flowers are called, but I really like them. If anyone out there knows, please tell me. They're with some of those little decorative peppers, which I'd like to try growing someday.

Stein's had tons of colorful mums for sale.

I love this color. I don't know what I'd call it, something like "Strawberry ice cream"?

More personality filled pumpkin stems.

These pumpkins were new to me. They're called "Tiger Stripe Pumpkins".

These white ones are appropriately enough called "Casper Pumpkins".

Looking at these two cute jack-o-lantern planters makes me want to paint a similar face on a planter. The mums or any plant placed inside would give that fluffy hair look.

So there was my day at Stein's! Being around all these cute decorations, pumpkins, and colorful fall plants was a great way to kick off the season.


  1. Is that ever beautiful! I wish you could get those big pots of mums here in England, but alas, you have to do your best with several small pots. I love that big foam jack o lantern.


    1. Ali ~ I'm not sure if some of those larger pots of mums are actually several smaller ones put together in the planter. Although, it's hard to say since they really spread. Stein's had some pretty outstanding mums this year. I don't think I've seen any that full at the other stores.

      I love that jack-o-lantern too! It really draws your attention to the store.

  2. Looks fun! Pumpkins are probably the number one Halloween icon! It would be interesting if stores offered a jack-o-lantern carving service and carved the pumpkin for you - I bet they'd sell.

    1. Matt ~ It was! I always enjoy looking around this store. They put some nice displays together. Yeah, I'd say pumpkins are up there as a Halloween icon. They represent the entire season along with the Halloween holiday. And being orange, they fit with that classic Halloween color combination.

      That would be interesting if stores offered a pumpkin carving service. I bet they'd sell too, especially if the store offered custom carvings. Like, you'd bring in a design you drew and they'd carve that for you. I wonder if some place is doing that already? It's a good idea!

  3. This whole post makes me happy!

    1. Lisa ~ Thank you! :) It makes me happy too, which is part of why I wanted to preserve the pictures on here. A bright, happy day with some pumpkins.