Monday, June 30, 2014

The beautiful colors of summer

There is a large wooded park area near where I live. In the center of the park is a beautiful rose and herb garden. Every Thursday, the rose garden is open to the public while live music plays. It's really relaxing to walk around in the evening and check out all the different kinds of roses. I took my camera with me the last two Thursdays and photographed some roses and recorded their names. For the most part, I've only seen these types of roses in this garden. Are any of you familiar with these?

Winning Colors:


It's probably named "Candelabra" because the many bright buds look like the little flames on a candelabra. Here's what they looked like in full bloom the next week:

Brass Band:

Peppermint Twist:

I wish this rose smelled like Peppermint! Wouldn't that be cool?

Fragrant Memory:

This rose smells as good as it should with its name! I feel like I can smell these roses just looking at photos of them!


There are a lot of layers on this one.


You can see why this is named Electron - Its color is electric!

Rainbow Sorbet:

The colors are similar to those in a rainbow sorbet ice cream. I guess it would be spot on if there was some bright green or blue on the rose. I'm not sure how attractive that would be, though!

Princess Diana:

This one is really feminine and delicate, so Princess Diana is an appropriate name for it.

Cinco de Mayo:

These look festive and like Mexican paper flowers. As you can see, there were lots of them growing in the garden.

Easy Does It:

Ebb Tide:

I've seen the occasional purple rose in a bouquet, but I haven't seen many of them growing out of the ground. It's a really pretty reddish-purple too. If you google this variety, you'll see much darker blooms available. Those would be perfect for someone with a Gothic garden.


The Olympiad had a unique plate-like shape, although the ones I've seen online have a more regular rose shape.  I like this sort of wide rose with the many layers of petals.

Baronne Prevost:


Strike it Rich:

"Strike it Rich" is a fitting name for a gold colored rose. As you can see, it varied a little.

About Face:

This is one of my favorites! I love the gold edges on those peachy/orange petals.

Livin' Easy:

This one looks almost Lotus shaped.

The Fairy:

This one is teeny tiny. I know it's a little hard to tell in this photo, since there's nothing to compare it to size-wise. Lots of these little "fairies" grow on a large rose bush.

Rose Verdun: 

Golden Wings:

There is something wing-like about this shrub

Louise Odier:


Tropical Sunset:

This is another favorite of mine. I love the colors and the stripes. I'm imagining these in a bouquet with some bright orange roses. Wouldn't that be pretty?


Dream Come True:

I love this rose! This photo of the "Dream Come True" is my desktop background now.

This photo will give you an idea of the entire park setting. The roses go on and on! You can see some columns in the background. There are some vines and climbing roses growing on those.

Which of these roses is your favorite? I'm torn a bit, but it seems I like the multicolored ones best.


  1. I like the Tropical Sunrise, it reminds me of that old 80's drink, Tequila Sunrise. That park sounds really phenomenal. It's great to have somewhere like that to go when you want to get out of the house. Do you walk to the park?

    1. Matt ~ I can see how that rose would remind you of the Tequila Sunrise! It's very summery looking. The park is beautiful, especially in the evening. There is a lot of forest area and in the summer fireflies are everywhere in the trees. It's magical. As you can see, there are plenty of roses there, but there's also a great tulip collection in the spring. The park isn't within walking distance for me, but it's still pretty close - maybe a five to ten minute drive. I guess I could walk there if I was in the mood for a long hike. :) I'm really lucky to have a place like that nearby!

    2. Sounds good! To me, natural nature and landscaped nature has a different energy, it's neat to have the best of both worlds in that park.

    3. Matt ~ I agree! The park definitely has both natural and landscaped nature in it. For the most part, it is natural nature surrounding a more structured center. The landscaped area has almost an English Garden feel to it with herbs cut into topiary shapes. There are also some statues and fountains in the landscaped area. The natural forest area is something I can get lost in because it's so relaxing. I always want to check out all the little details that have gone into the garden design.

  2. SO beautiful! I love roses :) I have an orange one in my garden. Now I need one of the Ebb Tide ones! Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures!

    1. Heidi ~ Thanks! Me too. Do you know the name of your orange rose? I love orange roses. I think they're still somewhat unusual. Probably every Halloween lover loves orange roses. :) The Ebb Tide is really unique too. If you look up pictures of it online, you'll see some much darker purple examples. Do you have a Gothic area of your garden? I know some people set aside a little area of Gothicness in their garden for the dark flowers.

      P.S. ~ Thanks for thinking of me and sending that soup recipe! I'm vegetarian, so the chicken would have to go. Still, there are a lot of other interesting ingredients in the soup. The avocado/lime/Jalapeno combination sounds good! I'm going to be having some of that Dreamweaver soup again soon. It makes for such a good summer soup!

  3. Replies
    1. Julie ~ Thank you! :) I know you like orange roses, so I thought of you when I photographed some of these!

  4. These are SO pretty! I love the multi-colored ones! And I can imagine the scents, too.

    1. Lisa ~ Oh, some of these smelled amazing! It's funny how I could actually smell the roses just by looking at these photos of them. The multi-colored ones are some of my favorites too! There are lots of pretty patterns on those petals. It's like someone painted them.

  5. Pretty flowers?! C'mon Justine, where's the darkness, where' s the horror, where's the Halloween?! ;) There are some pretty incredible colors though...

    1. Mark ~ Well then! ;) Well, the darkness/horror/Halloween isn't present in this post. Sometimes I see something so pretty that I have to share it, Halloween related or not. The next blog post I'm working on is 100% Halloween themed. So don't worry, I haven't lost my Halloween mojo. :)