Friday, December 7, 2012

A Dash of Spooky Sweetness This Christmas

You see this lady who is generously giving out the full sized candy bars to the kids? Well, I feel like I've just been to her house! That's because recently I had the luck of winning what I view as an adult trick-or-treat bag! It had what many adults pick out of trick-or-treat candy: the chocolates.

Chris, otherwise known as The Frog Queen, was the generous blogger who sent me this package. You might be familiar with her and the outstanding cemetery she has built. She's the one who created the magnificent mausoleum and grieving angel you bloggers saw in October.

Here are some of the goodies she sent me:


The chocolates came packaged in this adorable skull bag:


So far I've only gotten into the little jack-o-lanterns and they're really good! This package has helped stretch my Halloween festivities into the Christmas season. I've been alternating eating these Halloween chocolates with Christmas chocolates.


Alternating between Christmas and Halloween candies has me thinking about stocking stuffers for people who like spooky things. I've run into several spooky chocolate ideas online lately. If you have a Halloween lover in your life, they'd probably enjoy these treats - even in December!

The first is this chocolate orange jack-o-lantern. You know those awesome chocolate oranges you whack and unwrap? Well, with the addition of a paper face, you have a jack-o-lantern. I always see (and eat) these chocolate oranges around Christmas, so they should be on the shelves.

This chocolate orange look and some how-to info can be found here: Red Ted Art's Blog

How cool are these chocolate skulls complete with walnut brains?

These wicked little creations are sold by Sparganum on Etsy:

These black and orange candy canes aren't edible but they'd be a fun decoration on a gift or stocking. They are another item I found on Etsy and they can be found here: Chenille Candy Canes

I tried to find some actual candy canes that were black and orange, but none turned up!

One more Etsy shop that could provide some surprises in Christmas stockings is Vintage Confections. I love everything here, but here are a few of my favorites:

Planet Lollipops ~ I know these aren't spooky, but they were too cool not to share!

A search for "black licorice cats" will produce many results! I found some for sale on the Candyality site and bags of Gustaf's Dutch Licorice Cats are available on Amazon.

Of course these spooky treats would look the most appropriate in a stocking like this:

Here's some good news! The creator of this stocking was nice enough to post a brief how-to if you'd like to create your own: Make your own skull stocking

There are a bazillion stocking templates online, if you'd like to print one out as a pattern. It sounds like she used one of those, sewed the two stocking halves together, and then glued her skulls on. I suppose you could glue the halves together too, if you didn't plan on putting much in the stocking.

Also ~ I want to mention that a lot of my blog friends are taking part in something called "Creepmas" this year. For those who haven't heard about this, it's a 13 day blogging event celebrating this festive time of year in a dark, spooky way. So you might see something along the lines of Creepmas cookies or how The Addams Family celebrates Christmas or even some ugly Creepmas sweaters!

To view the participating blogs, you can visit: and look at the "participating creeps" on the right side of the page.


  1. Very cool gift! What a delightful way to say happy holidays! And yay Creepmas! I am also doing Creepmas this year!

  2. I absolutely love eating Terry's Chocolate Oranges around Christmas time, I suppose they are kind of a tradition for a lot of people this time of year! I usually get given one or two as stocking stuffers. I love eating all the segments and being left with that jagged chocolate centre. NOM!

    Those chocolate skulls are too awesome! Some big company should definitely steal that idea to make them available to the wider public! I really want one.. or two!

    I think I need a spooky stocking to hang on our fireplace! I'd want it to be covered in bats though :) I may have to give it a go! I've been making a few batty things recently. A black glittery bat garland which is hung on our fireplace and a group of flying bats to adorn the mirror over the mantle. They look so cute! ~♥~

  3. Skull Stockings and Walnut brains are my favorite!!!

    Suddenly craving The Nightmare Before Christmas now...

  4. Thanks for spreading the word on Creepmas =)

  5. I am drooling over those chocolate orange pumpkins! Those look absolutely delicious!Oh, and as soon as I saw the first picture at the top of your post, I remembered a, let's call it a "different version" of this picture I saw on Pinterest. There's a bubble coming out of the lady's mouth, and she's saying "just one, you little bastard!" lol :)

  6. Kweeny ~ Yeah! I think most of us would be happy to receive some spooky looking chocolates for Christmas. I feel like pretty much everyone except me is taking part in Creepmas this year! Considering I haven't had the time to update my blog in a few weeks, it's probably good I didn't commit to it. Still, I'm really enjoying reading everyone else's Creepmas posts! People are being creative in the different directions they're taking this theme.

    Bella Morte ~ Haha! You're just like me! I also love eating around that middle section and then chomping down on it. Somehow that middle chocolate tastes different, but maybe it's just my imagination.

    Well, if a big company would like to capitalize on that idea, I hope they pay the person who thought it up a ton of money!

    You sew, right? I'm sure you're more than capable of making a spooky stocking! How nice would that be hanging from your new mantle? When do we get to see your new house photos? I'm looking forward to those!

    Lil Dreamer ~ The skull stockings are something so cute and unique. Wouldn't it be cool to give or receive that stocking with some spooky treats inside? I'm sure it would be appreciated. Yeah, The Nightmare Before Christmas is something that combines the two holidays well. I'm never sure when to watch it, though. I think I'm usually more in the mood for it at Halloween. I have joked about compromising and watching it for Thanksgiving, but I haven't tried that yet. :)

    Dex ~ You're welcome! This is as close to writing a Creepmas post as I'll probably get, but I wanted to at least spread the word. Besides wanting to catch up on Creepmas posts, this was another reason I asked you for the list of participants the other day. It's been fun seeing what people come up with every day. Do you watch 'The Office'? There was a bit of a Creepmas-like moment on there last night. :)

    Marisa ~ A lot of this is pretty drool worthy! Oh, I don't think I've seen that picture. That sounds a little like me. There's a reason that I don't let them reach into the bowl anymore! Putting my pirate skull in the middle of the candy was extra insurance. ;)

  7. aw- thanks for including me!! love those walnut brains and now I am obsessed with them. yay for new obsessions!!

  8. You're welcome! I liked your Creepmas Tree Cookies. :) Yeah, new obsessions can be fun! I'm starting to think that I deserve some kind of commission for turning people onto those walnut brained skulls. ;)

  9. What a sweetie! That is quite a nice haul!

  10. Spooky Vegan ~ Yeah, that was sweet of The Frog Queen to send me all these goodies. I assume that's the sweetie you meant. :) Yes, it was a nice haul of chocolates! I'm looking forward to trying that black cat.

  11. A lovely scrumptious gift to receive in the mail! And some wonderful ideas for stocking stuffers. Love the lollipops! :0)

  12. Jeanne ~ Yeah! It was fun to get a bit of Halloween in December and the chocolates are really good! Thanks, I hope these ideas help to inspire someone. If they have a spooky person in their life, that is. :) I love those lollipops too! If you visit that Etsy shop, you'll see all kinds of cool Christmas themed lollipops as well.

  13. Thank you so much for the link to my Addams posts. That was really sweet of you! I'm trying to catch up on everything I missed during the dark days of no internet. :)

    Okay this post gives me a great opportunity to ask you a question: What are Baby Ruths and Butterfingers? I've heard of them before and I know that they're candy bars, but that's about it.

    Those Eyeball Lollipops are brilliant... in theory. They're so good that they're way too gross to actually eat. Haha.

  14. Is that booty going to last until Christmas? The Davis Graveyard is really something, isn't it. I like reading Chris's blog every year as Halloween gets nearer.


  15. Little Gothic Horrors ~ You're welcome! :) I thought that post of yours helped to illustrate what Creepmas is about. I've been looking forward to your Addams Family posts each day. It's amazing how many Christmas themed Addams Family images there are!

    I'll try and dig up some old commercials for Baby Ruths and Butterfingers. They're good. I used to love eating Butterfingers as a kid. Now they seem really salty to me. Anyway, there is a buttery flavor to them and a bit of a flaky layer. I wonder if these candy bars, or something close to them are being sold in your country under a different name?

    Yeah, the eyeball lollipops are more decorative in my opinion. Still, I know they'd be the perfect stocking stuffer for some kids. You know how some kids love the exact stuff other kids are grossed out by!

    Ali ~ Haha! No. I'm down to just the black cat at this point. That would be gone too, if I didn't have so much Christmas candy to snack on! That and the wrapper is so cute that I don't want to mess it up.

    Yeah, I am really impressed by The Davis Graveyard. She goes above and beyond at such a professional level!

  16. Yum, I will take chocolate in every way, shape and form.

  17. Julie ~ Yeah, I think I'm right there with you. :)

  18. Yes, there are plenty of Charles Addams Christmas images. I guess because he was a contributor to The New Yorker magazine, they would have wanted seasonal cartoons. He did lots of the Halloween covers for The New Yorker too!

    Haha. I can totally imagine my own kid having the time of his life trying to gross me out as he consumed those eyeball lollipops!

  19. Little Gothic Horrors ~ Oh, that makes sense then! I'd say that Charles Addams was a pretty good find for those magazines. I've never seen a cartoon of his that I didn't find funny and witty!

    Haha! I always think it's cute when kids try to gross out adults. :)

  20. Wow never heard of such a thing as creepmas!!Me likey!and am still drooling over those chocolates they look soo yummy!!

  21. Pixie ~ Hey! Long time no chat! I'm guessing you're on Christmas break now and have a chance to catch up on blogs? I hope to see some more posts from you soon!

    Oh, Yeah. A bunch of bloggers you know signed up for Creepmas. That blog event was happening last year too. Their posts are worth paging through. I think you'd be interested in a lot of what was written. Yeah, I'd love to get into all the candy pictured here! :)