Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flash Freezing

Flash mobs seem pretty popular lately! Howie Mandel has a flash mob show going, and one was acted out on Glee last night. There are a lot of flash mob videos out there too! It seems that all over the world people are getting together and planning to either sing, dance, or in this case stand still at the same time. The video below was taped in a Manchester supermarket and involved 50 people.

Just watching this freaked me out! I had to wonder what I would think if everyone around me in a store suddenly stopped moving. These people not only stopped moving, but stood still for four minutes! I was going to write some guesses on how my brain might explain this, but I'd rather hear what you guys think first. We might all think of something different when we watch this and I don't want to influence anyone...


  1. Umm...Yeah, me too. I was thinking that if I witnessed something like this, I would probably leave and do my shopping elsewhere. I can't believe how some of these people just went on with their shopping like normal. Some even reached around some of these statue-like people to get something off a shelf!

  2. Check these guys out

  3. All started as a good way to steal.

  4. GoneferalinID ~ Thanks so much for posting that link! I plan on watching all of these. :) I especially liked the Ghostbusters one:

    Biff ~ Haha, I didn't think of it that way...but yeah, these frozen people could probably get away with a lot while the shoppers are avoiding them!