Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deadly Decoupage

I just found a very cool and simple craft on the Woman's Day web site.

The glass plate pictured above was spookified using patterned fabric and decoupage. I have tried using Modge Podge with paper in the past, but not fabric. This sounds fun to try! Here are the basic instructions:


1. Thoroughly clean and dry plates.
2. Cut fabric into circles with a diameter 1inch longer than plates.
3. Brush decoupage medium onto back of plate; center fabric, face down, on plate, smoothing from center out to remove air bubbles and folds. Let dry.
4. Using craft knife, trim fabric along plate edges.
5. Apply several coats of decoupage medium to back of plate, covering fabric edges; let dry after each coat.

If you would like to print these instructions, here's the web site where I found them: Decoupage Skull Plates

You should be able to eat off one of these, so long as you glue the fabric to the back of the plate.

I suppose you could use any kind of fabric for this project, but I think the skulls are pretty rockin'. :)


  1. Where on earth did they get such awesome fabric?!

  2. I agree....never seen that fabric in my craft or fabric store. Awesome!


  3. Very cool! Thanks for the great idea.