Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Something to do while hiding from the cold

Well, if it's as cold where you are as it is in Wisconsin today, you have probably been spending a lot of time inside. If you are looking for a fun craft to keep you busy while you hide from the cold, I found you one! I actually tried this years ago with purple paper for a candle holder that was not Halloween related, but of course I love the jack-o-lanterns above! The directions for making these are here: Halloween Votives

It's not complicated at all and you get a really neat effect. I remember just modge podging over some art paper. It looks cool if you layer different colors too!


  1. Omg I love these! They look so happy. I remember I had a "stained glass" jar from my child hood, but I never thought of applying that technique to something Halloween. Excellent find!

  2. Those are just adorable. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks! Yeah, I hadn't thought of making these kind of candle holders for Halloween either! I think they would look cool lining a walkway at night.