Friday, January 7, 2011

The Scariest Vegetable

I just learned about a vegetable named "broccoli romanesco" from an Italian blog I follow. After one look at this, I knew it deserved a place on my Halloween blog. This Roman vegetable makes our American broccoli look pretty tame! There are many recipes for broccoli romanesco and even the seeds to grow this plant available online.
If you are feeling brave anyway...


  1. Looks like a cross between a cactus and some sort of exotic coral strange!

  2. I know! It doesn't really look like something that should be eaten, but it's still pretty cool!

  3. My boyfriend and I were just at an Italian import shop the other day and bought a packet of seeds that had a picture of one of those things on the front. How could we resist seeing if we could raise one of those babies up from the depths of the earth?