Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Impressive Makeup Artists

One of my new Twitter followers happens to be a school of makeup! The school is called "Complections Academy" and is located in Toronto, Canada. I was just on their web site and was SO impressed with the photos posted. I've looked at a lot of Halloween makeup in books, and seen my share of horror movies, but most of what I've seen wasn't as cool as the makeup I saw here. Here's a link to the school's galleries:

Gallery of Makeup

Do you see anything here that inspires your next Halloween costume? I saw a few looks I'd like to try recreating next year...

Here's a nice video showing some more examples from the school: Complections YouTube Clip


  1. Great inspiration, I love the mosaic, and of course the dia de los muertos works.

  2. Oh I know! The Dia De Los Muertos looks were amazing. Effective, errie, and beautiful at the same time!