Thursday, September 28, 2023

Jo-Ann's Halloween 2023

I've been collecting Halloween photos from Jo-Ann's since July, if you can believe it! Every year, the Halloween hits the stores earlier. I am pretty pleased with their collection, because a lot of it has a vintage look. They seem to have a few themes going - classic happy orange/black and dark/witchy. Starting with the first category...

I love these neon, fuzzy pumpkins! They have a sort of felted coating.

This skeleton was also neon and fuzzy/felty to the touch.

This orange and black towel is looking like something to go back for. Sometimes when I have a chance to really look at some of these items in my photos, I realize how cool they are.

Isn't this fun? It's like those vintage ceramic Christmas trees that light up.

These remind me a lot of what Target had for Halloween about a decade ago. I still have to visit Target and see what their themes are this year.

This skeleton is 5' tall. The eyes light up and it says "eerie phrases" according to the web site. I don't remember testing this one out. 

This one is reminding me of another orange pumpkin skeleton. I'm trying to remember where that one was sold. I think it was a big deal last year?

Vintage looking doormat. "Beware all who enter here"

Now we're getting into the witchy theme. This bat spinner is sort of like a pinwheel. 

Jo-Ann's had a number of moon-themed items, which are always a hit with me.

You'll actually see some very similar hands in my upcoming Dollar Tree blog post, although those will be much smaller than these. This hand is listed on the web site as the "Halloween Black Evil Eye Hamsa Hand". I'm familiar with this symbol on jewelry, but I'm seeing these around as little sculptural hands for the first time this year.

The reflection in this mirror is better than I expected!

I think this was one of those book boxes. I must have cared more about the cover than showing what this actually is.

They had a few sassy moon sayings on products.

Those apples seem like something the Wicked Witch would give to Snow White. I think they would look really pretty with some light shining through the glass.

And this goofy character was the greeter at the front door. He was a surprisingly large prop to see at Jo-Ann's. I say he's goofy because of the words he says and his laughter. This isn't a scary one. After just visiting Spirit Halloween, where you hear large props saying basically some version of "I'm going to get you!" or "Beware!" this one's silly laughter was unexpected.

I'm hoping some of you will blog what Michaels has to offer this year. All the local Michaels closed around here, so I've had a few years of not seeing their Halloween collection. Thankfully, Jo-Ann's appears to be going strong! 

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