Thursday, September 22, 2011

My 100 follower giveaway, and a prize I won!

This past week I was very happy to notice that my blog had 100 followers! Actually, I'm at 101 since that time and I'm very grateful to all of you. It means a lot to me to that you take the time to read my thoughts. The insightful and often funny comments are always appreciated! So thank you all very much for being here.

If you were one of my first 50 followers, you might remember my giveaway for a 4 x 6 inch Halloween art print. I'm doing a similar giveaway this time, only for an 8 x 12 or 8 x 8 inch Halloween art print. All you have to do is visit the Halloween section of my Deviant Art shop:

...and let me know which Halloween print is your favorite in the comments! I'll draw a winner next Thursday.

Good luck!

Last week, I was lucky enough to win a prize, myself! I won a set of Martha Stewart Halloween bottle labels! I was sent this prize by my blog buddy, Raven Fae, who happens to be giving away prizes every week up until Halloween! You should really check out her blog, not only for a chance to win, but because she's a cool lady who makes some great little Halloween creatures. Here's a link to her blog:

This is a photo of my prize...

Now I just need to find some bottles to put these on. I tried the American Science and Surplus tent sale last weekend, but there were only little bottles there. That's a great place to go if you need parts for a mad scientist costume, or are looking for a gas mask (adult or child size). There weren't many interesting things to buy, otherwise.

I'm hoping to find some bottles at either a Joann Fabrics store or at Pier 1. If any of you know of a great place to find bottles, let me know!

Oh, and I have one more thing to share. Dollar Tree is selling garlands of leaves for Autumn. Some of these are glittered. I was lucky enough to find one of the remaining orange, glittery garlands. It made a very quick addition to my witch hat!

Attaching the garland was really as simple as just wrapping it around the hat and then knotting it around itself at the top.

I think it gives the hat a little extra magic. It's as if it belongs to a witch that lives in a cabin in the forest. At least that's what I imagine. I had to share this right away, because Dollar Tree seems to be selling out of these garlands quickly!

To give you an idea of how glittery these are:

There were some non-glittery garlands as well. I feel like the spokesperson for Dollar Tree lately. Well, for the Halloween products anyway!


  1. Congrats Justine on your 101 Followers! Your numbers will just keep on growing :)

    Please enter me in your Giveaway! Right now I am loving Queen of the Ravens! That one truly is my favorite!


  2. LuLu ~ Thank you. :) Consider yourself entered in the giveaway! I like that painting a lot too. You've probably noticed what a big fan of ravens I am...

  3. Congrats on your 100th Follower!
    (Glad to be in the mix!)

  4. Black cat on a fence is my favorite! Congrats on 100th! Im sure it wont be long until you have 100 more.

  5. How cool - I just saw some paintings that I hadn't seen before, like the Witch's Castle. It's fabulous!! I love that she's standing in the door with her broom, and the pumpkin moon is adorable!! The turrets look like witch's hats, too!!

    Your paintings always seem to tell a story when you put them all together like that. I imagine having to make your way through the spooky trees to get to the castle, and the witch is waiting for her guests to arrive, like Dracula, the Mummy, and the Werewolf.. you should do some sort of Halloween book.

    It's so hard picking a favourite - I love the Graveyard, but since I've already got that as a card, in my Old Maid deck, I'll pick the Witch's Castle.

    Congratulations again, on reaching the 100 followers milestone!!

  6. I love that witch hat w/ the pretty foliage wrapped around it!

    I've been meaning to hit up the Dollar Store for their great (and cheap!) Halloween items but so far I haven't made it to one...perhaps I will rectify that this weekend.

  7. Just a quick cheer and congratulations on your growing number of followers here. You deserve hundreds more for your efforts!

    I have a fondness for a thoroughly decorated witch's hat, and yours seems on its way to being enchanted by autumn. I hope it brings shorter days, cooler nights, and happy haunting.

  8. Oh man, am I ever a sucker for witches hats.

    Also... you have been selected...

  9. Eric ~ Thanks! I'm glad to have you here too!

    Pumpkin Abbey ~ Cool! Yeah, that's one of my favorites. Although I'd probably say that about all my art. :) It would be great to have 100 more followers, although I'm pretty pleased to have this many!

    Little Gothic Horrors ~ There's actually a reason the Witch's Castle piece isn't part of the Halloween Old Maid deck. I painted that for an invitation for the Witch Party! I printed a bunch of those out as cards, and then added some glitter and text. Ah, so you noticed the jack-o-lantern moon! I like adding that face to the full moons in my paintings.

    That sounds like an adorable idea for a children's book. I talk about writing and illustrating a book all the time. I should probably do it at some point...

    Fatally Yours ~ Thanks! I saw that garland at the Dollar Tree and instantly thought about putting it on a hat. I imagine most people would buy it to hang over a window, a fireplace, or wrap around a centerpiece. I was actually surprised to have the hat turn out exactly like the image I had in my mind!

    Yeah, you better get over to the Dollar Store before all the good stuff is gone!

    King Unicorn ~ Thank you! That's so nice of you to say. :) Well, whether or not my hat has magic qualities, I think you'll get your wish for Autumn weather. Wait, I think I remember you being in Georgia. Do you even get crisp weather down there? You might need this magic hat more that I do! ;)

    Mantan ~ Haha, OK between your comment here, and your comment on my last blog post, I'm thinking you're a hat man!

    Or maybe you're just into tiny hats and witch hats. Lately, I've seen a lot of witch hats that happen to be tiny. I bet those would blow your mind! ;)

    Thanks for the award! I got that a few days ago, and haven't written anything yet. I guess I'm being kind of a stinker here, but I can't think of any dark secrets. Like you said in your post, I'm kind of out there with any of my dark stories. So I'd probably have to share something that wasn't really a secret!

  10. Hey wiKED! You must have commented while I was in the middle of that never ending note to everyone. :) Thanks for the Boo Glitter! I'm assuming that's a good thing...

    If you look above at what I said to Mantan, you'll see why I haven't posted that award info yet. I'm having dark story issues! Part of my problem might be that you guys set the bar pretty high with your stories...

    Actually, one story is kind of coming to mind. Does it count if it's not my secret?

  11. I own a bowler, an authentic chinese communist workers hat, and a homemade Tricorne.

    I wear many hats, yes.

  12. Very, very cool....even with the glitter :D


  13. Congrats on the more than 100 followers. That witch is awesome. What a wonderful idea.

    I would love to be entered in the giveaway. I love the Raven Queen

  14. I'm one of your new followers! Maybe I was the 101th! Anyway, I have some labels like that, and I found an old vase at the thrift store to put one on, an old cookie jar, and some old Mason jars without the bumpy logo on top. They're also great for sticking on the front of blank journals. Make sure you post a pic of what you did with them.

  15. It was hard to choose, but I like Crow and Key the best, and then the Witch's Castle,and then the Spooky Trees... See??? TOO hard to pick just one!

  16. You have no idea how long I have wanted a Autumn leaves garland! I swear the UK are absolutely crap when it comes to Halloween/Holiday/Seasonal decorations!

    It looks marvellous wrapped around your witched hat!

    Well done on winning those bottle labels, they are fantastic!! I love the Arsenic one so much with its spooky branches and crow!

    Ooo I remember that giveaway! I have been following since you were just a baby (blog wise) and I enjoy every single post of yours. I love getting into conversation over subjects that I love and you and I and all these like minded people learn new things every time.... (my cat is currently kneading my tit)...

    It's so hard to pick which one I like the most so I'm going to stick with the one I chose when you were doing your last giveaway and that is Halloween Candy! xxx

  17. Congrats on 100, guaranteed you'll get many, many more! ^_^

    You're so awesome at putting things together. I love the witches hat and the cute foliage that you put on it.

  18. congrats on over 100 followers! that's so exciting! I LOVE your witch hat! Next weekend I plan on starting to decorate for Halloween actually, so you blog is really getting me in the mood!

    I also can't wait to see your hat!

  19. Mantan ~ I guess you do! What a hat collection. I have a lot of witch hats and tiaras so I guess I'm branching out a little with the tiny top hat. :)

    The Frog Queen ~ *even* with the glitter? Um... Glitter is what makes most products worth buying for me!

    Vivienne ~ Thank you! :) Consider yourself entered in the giveaway! The Queen of the Ravens painting appears to be a favorite...

    Twig687 ~ Hmm... I'm, not sure. My 101st follower comes up as "Diane" Is that you? Now I'm just confused! Do you have a blog on blogspot? A livejournal blog came up when I clicked on your name.

    Thank you very much for the bottle/jar advice! I can't believe that I wrote an entire blog post about estate sales and never even thought of looking for used bottles! I bet goodwill or rummages would be a perfect place to look. Or I could just drink three bottles of wine! :)

    Those labels would look lovely on a journal. Good idea! You bet I'll take some photos once these are adhered to something! Consider yourself entered in the giveaway. :)

  20. Vain Glory Sinner ~ You're kidding! The 99p store doesn't carry leaf garlands? (Yeah, I'm in the know talking about the 99p) hehe! I don't know why they wouldn't carry Autumn related items. I understand if Halloween isn't as big of a deal in Europe, but I figured you'd get seasonal things! I looked at the Dollar Tree web site, and there are leaf garlands for sale there. There's a catch, though! You need to buy a minimum of 48 garlands to buy from the web site. It's like Dollar Tree is selling as a wholesaler online! So weird. So I went on ebay and I found a leaf garland for $2.98 with free shipping to the U.K. It's coming from Hong Kong, but you would still probably have it by Halloween:

    Ebay leaf garland

    Yeah, the arsenic label is probably my favorite too. The crow definitely gave it some points. :) I can't wait to stick these poison labels to something!

    Aww yes, my little blog baby. :) It does kind of feel like that in a weird way... Having conversations in the comments is one of the best parts of having a blog! It really is like a little spooky community here.

    Haha! Random cat and tit information! Cats do seem to want attention while people are on computers. A friend sent me half of an email the other day because her cat jumped on the keys and hit "send" :)

    You've been entered in my giveaway ~ good luck!

    Real Queen of Horror ~ Thank you! :) Well, anytime I figure out something creative, I want to share it. Especially when the project is as cheap and easy as the leaf covered hat! I'm glad you like the results. :)

    Stacey ~ Thanks! Yeah, it is exciting to me too! There's such a nice bunch of people following this blog. Glad I'm helping to get you into the Halloween spirit! So, I take it you'll be able to make it on the 15th?

  21. Haha! I was going to suggest you just drink a few bottles of wine, but after my "Dark Secret" revelation, I thought I'd damaged my reputation enough without everyone thinking I'm a wino as well!!

  22. Haha! Aww... You didn't damage your reputation with that, but I'd say you damaged someone else's! ;)

  23. Congrats on your 101 followers! You have nowhere to go but up!

  24. my fav is the black cat on the fence! but i like all of them!

    thats awesome that you have 101 followers, justine! felicidades :)

  25. Jessica ~ Thank you! :)

    Katie ~ Hey! Look who it is! I hope to see you blogging from your new place. Yeah, I'm pretty pumped to have this many followers.

    Thanks for the Happy Birthday! I'm glad I remember a little high school Spanish. :) Yeah, two more days...

  26. Queen of the Ravens is my favorite!

  27. I still love the vampire bat. Congrats a 101 followers!

  28. Rae ~ Cool! OK, Thanks for checking out my blog. :)

    Hiyoko ~ Thank you! Alright, you've been entered in the giveaway. I know I owe you an email, and you'll get it some time soon! :)

  29. Hi Justine, my favorite is Queen of Ravens. Although I loved them all. Hope you have a great birthday!!

  30. Mrs Chrissy ~ Thanks for the compliments and birthday wishes! :) You've been entered in the giveaway.