Monday, June 20, 2011

Out of the fog

Last night, I took a walk in the fog and captured some interesting street scenes with my camera. There is something about being outside as a foggy night turns from a hazy blue to pitch black, that reminds me of several urban legends from my childhood. Every time a car drove by, I thought of all those old stories involving a ghost car! I got a few photos of car headlights driving through the fog, although they appear more as neon streaks of light than cars. Those probably would have been cooler shots, had the cars been sitting still in the fog. Oh well, they're still fun and weird in their way! You can click on these photos to see them a lot larger.

There's a car in the distance...I like this one because it's not clear what the glowing orb of light is.

Here's one of a fast moving car. The lights show up, but I can't see any other part of the car!

A photo of a street lamp that gives me a nostalgic autumn feeling.

Just dark and spooky goodness. :)

I titled this blog post "Out of the fog" because last night it seemed like someone or something would be emerging from the fog at any second. Every time I think of a headline for a blog post, I check to see if anyone else has used that phrase online. I was surprised when my search turned up an old movie titled "Out of the Fog" because I'd never heard of it! I'm not really sure if it's spooky enough to fit with my blog, but it is strange. At least it's fitting with what seems to be my theme this week: movies from 1941. Although, aside from the overacting done by the female lead, this doesn't have much in common with "The Wolfman." Dramatic acting sure seems different now from what was being done in the 1940s! Some of the lines that are spoken in this trailer made me laugh, although I doubt that was the intended reaction. :)

Is anyone out there familiar with this movie, or the actress Ida Lupino?

P.S. ~ I was going to include something about the movie "The Fog" but both the 1980 and 2005 version of that look beyond lame to me. At least the trailers look bad. If for some reason you think either version of "The Fog" was a masterpiece, let me know. I might be willing to give it a chance!


  1. Great pictures! I simply adore the fog. Last month on the full moon my I was coming home through the country and a thick fog hung low over the fields; it was completely illuminated by the moon. So creepy, but pretty. It really makes me miss Halloween.

  2. Great photos!

    And yes, the original Fog (1980) is brilliant!


  3. I like the original Fog as well, I haven't seen the remake. I really like boating New England harbor towns and I also really like it when radio shows play a big part in a horror story and The Fog has both of these elements.

    I like your pictures too! Looked like a dark and creepy night!

  4. Love these photos! And the post you wrote to go with them!!! I've always loved the fog .... just something ever so mysterious about a walk in it! :0)
    I haven't seen the old movie, "Out of the Fog" - must find a copy! And I liked the old version of the movie "The Fog" the best.

  5. Sweet Hiyoko ~ That sounds so pretty! Did you get any pictures that night? If so, I'd love to see them. You really created a picture in my mind. Don't worry, there's only four more months until October!

    The Frog Queen ~ Thanks! Alright, well maybe I'll give the original Fog movie a shot. I sure won't be seeing the one made in 2005, though! I couldn't even make it through the trailer...

    L ~ Have you been boating in any New England harbor towns? I agree about the radio element to a story. Some of the spookier movies and TV episodes I've seen involved what was on the other end listening to a radio program. Usually, nothing good! :) It was a dark and creepy night, but pretty enough to not be overly scary.

    Jeanne ~ Thank you! :) I love the fog too. Anytime I see it out the window, I have to run outside with my camera to get some pictures. The best ones I've gotten have been of trees through a grey afternoon fog.

    Yeah, I'm thinking that I need to find an entire copy of "Out of the Fog" too. The whole thing is probably hilarious. The whole sassy dame routine cracks me up! I'm sure there's no competition for the DVD at the library either...OK, three votes for the original Fog movie! I guess I'll give it a go!

  6. Nice shots! There's nothing quite like the deep blue of the sky at dusk.

  7. Eerie photos. Oh and you got to do something with your post headline idea. See what post title will have the fewest copies or something.

  8. Great photos. Creepy and so pretty. The original Fog is really good. The re-make of it is entertaining. Wouldn't say it's very scary but there is something creepy about fog (which I love about England- those foggy mornings when you can hardly see in front of yourself).

  9. I remember watching the fog quite a few years ago.. I think I remember liking it at the time but all I can remember is the ghosts and the leprosy haha! I was actually trying to remember the title of that film not long ago so thank you!

    I don't know if you've seen it but The Mist (2007) is excellent! Lots of monsters in the fog and all that good stuff!

    I love the photo of the car moving but none of the car is showing.. it's quite spooky, like a shooting orb! xxx

  10. Halloween Spirit ~ Thanks! That's true, although the sky can be many shades of blue, we only see that deep and glowing shade of blue at dusk. I love being outside at that time!

    Copyboy ~ That's an excellent idea! I've run across some pretty bizarre things when searching for my chosen headline. I just never thought of sharing them before! That could make a pretty cool post...

    Yeah, some of those photos were eerier when I got home and got a chance to view them larger on my computer. The last one especially!

    Mrs. Munster ~ Thanks! Yeah, I think creepy and pretty is always something to shoot for. :) I would think you'd know something about fog if you're in England! I visited England and Ireland years ago, and I think those countries get the best fog.

    Yeah, that's why I thought someone was going to jump out of the fog at me the other night, I couldn't see too far ahead!

    VainGlorySinner ~ Ghosts and leprosy, eh? Well, that sounds like lots of fun. ;) Glad I was able to help you with the movie title!

    I haven't seen The Mist, but from what you're saying it sounds like I should look for The Mist even before I look for The Fog. Or maybe I should check them both out and have a misty fog filled night of it!

    I love that picture too! I couldn't believe it when I looked at it larger at home. When I took that picture, I assumed that some of the car would show up. Even on close inspection in Photoshop, I don't see so much as a wheel. Maybe the urban legend about the ghost car that drives through fog filled nights is true after all? :)

  11. @Justine I've never been boating in a New England town, so I watch movies where I can pretend that I have! heh

  12. Very creepy pictures, I love it though. :)

  13. I haven't seen Out of the Fog.
    Ida Lupino is in a movie I dig though,
    called The Food of the Gods from 1976.
    It's about giant animals, so kinda corny,
    but still manages to be scary.
    Your pics are scary too. Well, more eerie.
    Now I want to break out my fog machine. :)

  14. Thanks Real Queen of Horror!

    HollyHorrowshow ~ I'd love to see more of Out of the Fog. In fact, I tried to find it at the local library, but couldn't. I'm sure if I search around a little, I can find it, though. On the other hand, it might be so old and random that it was never put on DVD.

    So you're familiar with Ida Lupino? That's crazy! I've never heard of The Food of the Gods before, but that is definitely worth a google! Is it like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? ;)

    Yes, I think eerie is a good word to describe my photos. It's not like there was an imminent threat out that night, just the hint of something lurking in the fog.

    You have a fog machine? That's so cool! I bet that's a lot of fun to use with decorations for Halloween. I actually have something called a mist fountain, and that's fun to bring out for the annual Halloween party. Here's a link to a fountain that's similar to mine:
    Mist Fountain

    My fountain looks like the taller standing one.

  15. Hah nah, Food of the Gods is much better than Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

    I'm loving the mist fountains, especially the gargoyle one!

  16. I don't think I've seen any of the Killer Tomatoes movies, although I remember hearing that George Clooney was in one of those. So, that might be reason enough to suffer through a movie. :) I do remember watching the Killer Tomatoes cartoon series.

    Yeah, the mist fountains really set a mood! I don't remember the gargoyle one, so I'll have to take another look at that page.