Sunday, October 10, 2021

It was a dark and foggy night

A few nights ago my mom and I took a walk in the fog. The streetlights were casting an eerie glow that seemed to hang in the mist.

Those are car headlights lighting up the tree's silhouette. It was good timing for me to have a car drive up as I was taking a photo.

It looks like something could creep out of the corners of this photo, doesn't it?

Some people had their Halloween yard decorations out already. It might be hard to see here, but these inflatable ghosts had witch hats on. These were some of those cool inflatables where the little twinkle lights move around inside.

These were in the same yard.

Some cut-out monster silhouettes made a very cool display in the front window of the house across the street. I know these are 2D but it felt like a display, something you might see in a store window. I thought the string lights were a nice touch too.

This is a giant eyeball being projected onto the side of a house. It changed colors and this red was by far my favorite of them.

Here's a classic. The string lights added a really bright glow.

And speaking of classics... I love this! Yeah, I've probably taken a picture of this for years, but here it is again. ;) There's something kind of mysterious about the curtains being pulled around the pumpkin.  

Here's another one you might have seen in years past - the Casper outdoor lamp cover. Usually when you see these they're plastic jack-o-lanterns. Maybe you guys have even seen that craft online where people take the plastic jack-o-lantern treat buckets and cut them in half, using the half to cover their porch lights.

This one is slightly spooky with that uplit scarecrow behind the pumpkin.

Now, it may be a little hard to tell what's going on here, but these people have a rope with a string of lights around it going across their yard from tree to tree. Hanging in the middle is a figure they made.

Now, I'm not entirely sure about this figure. It is wearing a Scream mask and maybe some painter's white coveralls? Anyway, it's creepy having anything that looks like a life-size human hanging over you.

So this is about the point in the walk where a man emerged from his house to tell us that he'd just seen three coyotes creeping around his yard. He said they looked like they might go for his daughter's dog so they took it in. Then the man drove off, leaving us in the dark and fog looking around for coyotes. We never saw or heard any but that didn't keep me from looking over my shoulder every few minutes on the walk back.

I'll leave you guys with this little skeleton in a cauldron. This one might be worth looking at in the daylight to see what's going on. But it looks like maybe a small graveyard covered in cobwebs is surrounding the little guy.

I hope you guys are all doing well and enjoyed this little virtual walk through the fog. I have to get out there with a camera on the lucky nights when a fog like this rolls in. 


  1. I love the window cutouts, they look great! I have a little projector thing that puts a pair of creepy blinking eyes on the front of our chimney.

    1. Dex ~ Yeah, those window cutouts were so fun and unique. I don't think I'd seen a window decorated like that before the other night. I may have seen the idea on Pinterest, though. The blinking eyes sound cool! I bet they look good up high like that too.

  2. Wow those those little monster silhouettes are so cute. I just love that display.

    1. Lady M ~ Me too! It would appear that is the popular display in this post. :) If you google "Halloween window cutouts" you'll see a whole lot of cool ideas!

  3. Wonderful photos as always. Unfortunately I'm the only one with any Halloween decorations up around here. Have you seen the guy who has giant skeleton hands around his house? Here's the Twitter link:

    1. Alison ~ Thank you! :) Hey, at least you're in the spirit! Maybe the rest of the neighborhood will get with it. We're only barely getting into mid-October and some people are last minute with the decorations.

      I had not seen those giant skeleton hands, but now that I have, I'm impressed! I would not have thought of making those skeleton props, not at that scale anyway. And he even went to the work of making it look like his roof shingles were coming up!