Friday, September 10, 2021

Halloween at Lowe's ~ 2021

I have another Halloween shopping experience to share with you guys! This one will be from a trip to Lowe's. After getting a head's up on Twitter from Kreepylady Kristin about how good the Lowe's selection is this year, I got a chance to see for myself. 

I'm starting with one of the coolest things there, in my opinion. Aren't these snake-like plants the perfect fit for these skulls? There's something very creepy and natural about the plants "crawling" out of the eyes.

Lowe's had a few other Halloween mini-planters with what I think were air plants inside. 

How funny is this? He looks kind of like a pineapple.

And these zombies! Again, the little air plants are a perfect fit. 

A mellow yoga zombie.

A variation of this guy is what encouraged me to visit Lowe's (after Kristin shared a pic of her little dude). You can add different heads to these bodies.

See? The skeleton just got an Oogie Boogie head. I just now noticed that dog on the box behind this figure. I wonder what's going on there with the giant chewy eyeball.

I created my own shrunken head creature. :)

"Time for a coffin break" Doesn't that inflated coffin look like a sleeping bag?

And then there's Jack and Sally on what looks like a giant Hershey's Kiss. I'm thinking it's supposed to be that curvy hill thing from the movie. I just learned that it's called "Spiral Hill". 

How surprising to see an inflatable version of Dr. Finkelstein next to them. There isn't usually much done with that character. 

This is the best I could do with photographing this creepy jack-o-lantern inflatable, because it was so high above me. Trust me, it's cool.

Jack and jack-o-lantern stakes. I'm now noticing those black skulls under the flames.

This one is a classic. I don't think I've seen a design like this for a while. I'm not sure what these are called, but I think we're all more used to seeing inflatables now.

This bunch of neon skeletons was just pleasing in a retro type of way. You might be able to see their glowing eyes. I'm not sure if these skeletons glow in the dark, but that would be great.

THING! I assume the fingers move and this crawls. It better, right? :) The knuckles were jointed anyway. I know it's hard to tell here, but this hand was pretty large. I just checked the Lowe's site and the "zombie hand" is 2.5 ft in size. Turns out this lights up too!

I liked the vintage vibe of this wreath and its simplicity. I'm so used to seeing ultra fluffy wreaths. 

This pumpkin reaper dude was pretty tall. I first noticed him out of the corner of my eye and thought there was an actual person standing there. 

Isn't this a creeper? This is one of those props where you hit a button and then a face appears. It otherwise looked like a black oval.

I liked the angles on this pic. It looks like Jack has a spider coming out of his head or has some wild hair.

Lowe's had a nice little selection of Day of the Dead items too.

I don't even know what this is. I guess I could have checked at the time... Maybe it's some kind of light up jar? That would be cool. 

These are some of those larger ceramic decorations I'm used to seeing at Stein's. 

Another character I'd expect to see at Stein's. Now I'm looking forward to a trip to Stein's, but that will happen more in pumpkin season.

I have to share a few photos of the Lowe's beautiful garden section. 

I always enjoy seeing all the colorful mums in the garden areas each autumn.

So there's what Lowe's has to offer so far. Hardware stores have some of the best large scale yard decorations. Where else are you going to find a 2.5 ft crawling hand? I have some pics from the Menards Halloween section coming up! I am yet to visit Home Depot, but I'm sure they have some fun stuff too. 

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