Monday, November 30, 2020

After Halloween Haul ~ Mini Edition

Well, it's time for the After Halloween Haul! This year, it's going to be a mini haul. I found a few little things and was actually happy to get anything after Halloween. Any of you who went shopping this fall know that the Halloween and autumn items were wiped off the shelves way before the actual holiday. 

Since I have less stuff to share this year, I'll add a few pics of the items in use. So, starting with something that's worth picking up on sale each year: an orange string of lights. These are some nice, vibrant ones! And a cool feature of these is the black wire.

This is what they look like unlit:

This pack of lights is from Walgreens. In past years, I've found strings of 25 at Dollar Tree. But as you can see, this string has a generous 70 lights. I want to say this cost $1.99.

I mixed this string of lights in with an autumn flower garland. Here it is all lit up on the fernery. 

A few details:

These lights were the only thing I liked of what was left at Walgreens. The rest of what I have to share is from JoAnn's. I was so happy to find a little pack of these pumpkins there. I've easily painted over these white pumpkins in the past. So you can have these any color you like. 

If you shop at JoAnn's or Michaels, you've seen those little sprig things that you can fit into a floral arrangement. They make nice present decorations too. These were the last of these little green peas.

And here they are mixed in some velvety autumn leaves. I paired these up in a vase. I call this the peas and carrots mix. :)

Now for my last and probably favorite find: some giant red sunflowers. These have clips on the back, so you can easily attach them to other decorations or your jacket if you were feeling bold. ;)

They make nice pumpkin hats too!

JoAnn's had a lot of fall floral and wreaths left when I was there. If you're into dark purple, you'll probably find something you like.

As pretty as these giant red sunflowers were, I decided to add some extra bling to them. I added a big orange jewel to the center of each, some red star-shaped sequins, and some red glitter. I really like how they turned out! The glitter and jewels shimmer with any light source.

I was actually just at JoAnn's again last night and found one more of these flowers! The cashier said "And that will be a whopping 62 cents with tax" :) It was a fun surprise to find one more of these hiding under a shelf.

Actually, the fall sale stuff was much as it was the last time I was at JoAnn's (probably two weeks ago). It's still 80% off. So there is a point to going and looking. Although, I suggest going right before close so you can have the whole place to yourself. Here's one of the flowers in with an autumn display:

So, how did you guys do with the after Halloween shopping? I'd be curious to know what was left in your local stores. 🎃


  1. I'm sure it's just the way my mind works but when I see the sunflower "hat" on the pumpkin I think it looks like something that would grab on to your head if you look to close at it and then you become a pumpkin head zombie :D

    1. Dex ~ I think that is in the way your mind works category, but I can follow that train of thought. :) That just isn't where my mind would have gone first. I was thinking more about how this flower could work as part of a hat or fascinator for myself, when not being worn by the pumpkin. Your thought sounds like a good plot idea for an episode of Doctor Who!

      How have you been doing? Did you run across any after Halloween sales in stores or online this year?

    2. Nothing! I don't remember if I went on the 1st or 2nd but the stores had pretty much cleared out everything before then.
      I think too, it has to do with them putting stuff out so early that there is left left over at the end of October.

    3. Dex ~ Wow! Isn't that crazy? People have been shopping so much this year. Around here anyway, it seemed that a lot of the best Halloween stuff was gone by September. So as far as after Halloween shopping goes, finding anything felt like a big deal!

      And I agree, the stores put stuff out early and people scooped it up early! I see this trend going for Christmas too. I was at an At Home store a couple days ago and some of those Christmas shelves were pretty picked over. On the positive side, people seem to be decorating a lot more for Christmas outdoors. So they're putting all that decorative shopping to good use. :)

  2. I do love those lights you got! Nothing warms up a home in the Fall and Winter like lots of lights. Lots of people here have their Christmas decorations up, something I think is happening everywhere this year. Here's to a better 2021!

    1. Alison ~ That is so true! There were strings of orange lights around a few rooms here this year. They look nice in with flowers and around pumpkins/fake leaves. I was happy to find a way to really light up a red glass candle holder this fall with a string of white lights. It was a fairly large candle holder so I could squish the whole string in there. It was super vibrant!

      I also have a feeling Christmas decorations are going up big time everywhere. I saw some nice inflatables out today. Yards covered in inflatables. One guy around here even set his lights to go with the Christmas music that plays on a radio station.

      Indeed! To a better 2021! :)