Sunday, February 9, 2020

A Full Snow Moon that is living up to its name

Tonight's full moon is called The Full Snow Moon. That seems like a pretty appropriate name, especially with the view I have out the window. We had a hardy snowfall today. It's beautiful out there, but we have the kind of night sky that generally goes with snow. It's kind of fuzzy and milky so I don't see the moon now.

I did take a photo of the moon last night, and I actually think it qualified as full at that time. From what I've been reading, the full moon rose last night and reached its full peak tonight.

I've been learning a lot about the stages of the moon lately, in part from this web site:


I think all of you would enjoy at least casually browsing through this site. I especially like the Moon Calendar which shows you the percentage of the moon that is showing.

For those who are into astrology, you will also notice that there is an indication for which sign the moon is in for several days. I've been reading some books about Moon Signs lately and have been interested in the information about the signs the moon transitions through. The books I've been reading describe how you could expect different emotional reactions from yourself and others, depending on which sign the moon is in. This got me thinking about how it might be good to have a head's up about that sort of information, and that led me to this Moon Sign site.

My spooky tree shot. It looks like the moon is in a basket.

I have another recommendation for astrology buffs. It's a book titled The Moon in Your Life: Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World, by Donna Cunningham. I like Donna Cunningham. She's one of those writers where you feel like a friend is talking to you while you're reading her words. Her work is really accessible. Even if you don't know much about what she's writing about, she'll easily clue you in in a friendly way.

moon GIF

Another web site I really like for moon information is the Farmer's Almanac site. Actually, I like the Farmer's Almanac in general. I keep running into information about planting in relation to moon cycles, and I plan to keep that in mind in the future. Anyway, here is a specific page the Farmer's Almanac put up about tonight's moon:

Full Moon for February 2020

I got a kick out of the art there. It's like the moon is some kind of ice cream treat. :) It says here that tonight's moon is called The Snow Moon because February is typically the month where the most snow falls in the United States. That seems right to me.

Have any of you gone outside to see the moon over the past few nights? If you're like me, you got cold and quickly hopped back inside after taking a look. :)


  1. Oooh, I really like that "spooky" shot!

    1. Dex ~ Thank you! :) I was trying for something different before totally freezing out there. There are some interesting blue light reflections in that one and I wonder why that is.

  2. Its been beautiful, hasn't it. I wasn't sure I would be able to see it with the non stop wet weather here. Fortunately its cleared up enough overnight to get an eyeful!

    1. Alison ~ It sure has! It's been both beautiful and cold out there at night. It would have been really something if the full moon had shown up after we had all that snow on the ground. I'm sure it would have been pretty bright and reflective out there. Glad you were able to see the moon too! :)