Saturday, October 12, 2019

The kind of cars that will look you in the eye

I'm happy to finally be sharing photos from that car show I've been mentioning! You might be looking at the photo below and wondering what it has to do with a car show. Believe it or not, that's part of a dashboard! Yeah, you're going to be seeing some unique cars and car accessories here. There were some amazing classic cars at this show as well, but I'm just going to keep with the theme of my blog and show you the wild ones.

So here's more of this monster-mobile.

There are teeth around everything and look at that creeping green hand.

I'm just now noticing some tiny eyeballs I missed earlier.

And check out the spinal cord that runs along the ceiling! This car is like a living, breathing creature.

A little ghoulie on the exterior and I think maybe a mummy head peering over? (Look near the top of the pic)

I love the rear window, sticking its tongue out at whoever is behind the car.

The car's skull hitch cover:

This is the car, itself. Pretty unassuming from the outside, right? I mean, it is spooky and vintage, but who would guess how alive it is inside?

A Munster-mobile:

Check out the mini Munster cars up top!

And of course Fred is driving. He's looking pretty comfortable and laid back.

How fun is this!

This car made it into my spooky car themed blog post, in part because of its fierce "face" and also because...

There are hidden eyes!

This is a fun little detail:

Now this one holds all kinds of little surprises.

Look closer under the hood and you'll see all kinds of fun stuff!

The skeleton crew:

And this is just wicked! I wonder if this devil is a vintage accessory?

And as an alternative to fuzzy dice...

This dragon car was the only art car I remember seeing. Even the seats have dragons on them.

And the front too! Ferocious!

I decided to include some classic orange Halloween cars, which I think would look great with one of those jack-o-lantern face decals on front.

Love that shimmery paint!

And this one is fun. It looks like it should be on a TV show.

I was happy to finally find a skeleton passenger in one of the cars by the end of the day. It seems standard for at least one person to have a skeleton in their car at a car show and I was wondering if I was going to see one! And we're getting a bonus parrot too.

How's this for a car accessory? This reminds me of a story I heard about someone who put a pair of legs like this under their garage door as part of a Halloween display. Several of their neighbors called the police to report an accident!

And lastly, the Hot Rod Adventures of Capt'n Bob & Arlo van. Cool logo, right? I'm giving them a listen right now and they sound friendly.

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos. Can you imagine how fun it would be to drive around town in one of these cars? If you could choose to drive one, which would it be? I think I would have a blast driving that pink and purple one! 💕💜


  1. Wow - love the first fantasy art car. Really cool.

    1. Lady M ~ Yeah! Can you imagine driving it? I think I'd be a distracted driver. :)