Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Strawberry Moon and Miniature CSI

The past couple nights have presented me with a pretty great view of the sky. Last night's Strawberry Moon was beautiful:

I read that Jupiter could be seen by some people as a very bright little light near the moon. I didn't see any small extra lights, but I did think the moon itself was especially glowy.

I was out there a couple nights before last and got these very dramatic photos:

On the night I took these, it was pretty late and the wind was blowing at 20 mph. (I checked that online.) So it was exciting and fairly spooky to be out there. It was also only about 50° at that time. I could easily pretend it was an autumn night.

From a spooky sky to a spooky find, maybe some of you can help me with what I'm calling my "Miniature CSI" project. I found this little piece of evidence right on the surface of the soil while I was planting flowers.

Its other side:

As you can see, it was left clean.

And also as you can see, from this photo of it next to a quarter, this little piece of evidence is small.

So what do you guys think? I'm not even sure what part of the skeletal structure this came from, or whose skeletal structure it came from. It's hard to guess which creature this used to be a part of. I'm thinking based on its size, this was once part of a little bird or a rodent. Maybe part of its spine? We all have enough (fake) critter skeletons for Halloween. Maybe those could be a clue?

This experience at first gave me the feeling that I was working on a forensic investigation. Then, as I searched for more little bones, I felt like a paleontologist. I was hoping to find enough to piece together, well... something. I imagine this is what it feels like on a much larger scale for people as they find dinosaur bones. This might be a really small pterodactyl. ;) If you're wondering, no, I didn't find any more "evidence". This one little bone was just randomly there.

I'm interested to hear any of your thoughts on this! 


  1. Cool moon photos. The skeletal piece of "evidence" may be from a small rodent. I'm guessing it might be a neck bone, but I'm not good with identifying such. Too bad you didn't find the skull. Those are always cool.

    1. Lorelei ~ Thank you! Oh, a neck bone. That's a thought. I'll do some googling today for pics of little rodent bones and see what the neck pics have to offer. Oh, can you imagine finding the tiny little skull that went with this! I'm not one to want to decorate with real life skulls, but one that tiny... I might actually have to do something with that. Like add it to a miniature haunted fairy garden?

  2. love the third moon picture - very atmospheric.

    1. Lady M ~ Thank you! :) Did you see that latest full moon yourself?