Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The After Halloween Haul! 2018

It's that very exciting time of year again! Time for the After Halloween Haul! I'll start by showing you what I found at Target. This was one of my more exciting finds, because I'd been wanting one of these mini vampire pumpkins for years. They just always seem to sell out. This year, I had to climb a shelf and dig in the back of it to find this last one!

Here he is at night. As you can see, he's a very bright pumpkin. There's probably a little led light in there. When this pumpkin is lit up I think it looks like an old-time cartoon cat.

This skull and tray are not one unit, although they look like they could be! I was very lucky to get the last of these skulls. It has this mercury glass look to it and really catches light nicely. The tray reminds me of something fun, maybe an old plastic toy of some kind or jello? I think Target should make some similar trays in other bright colors! They had orange and black trays this year.

The skull already became part of a little Day of the Dead display, surrounded by marigold heads on a tray. And now, it's sitting in front of my computer in sort of an autumn mix of decorations.

This little can was the only Halloween can left at Target and it was only 50¢!

It has some adorable and funny details, like this pretzel saying "BOO!"

How cute is this pillow? I like the little pom-poms on it. I think this was one of the better deals at $1.50. And I was lucky to find the last one!

I bet I tricked you guys into thinking these were real for a second! They look more real on the windowsill. They are the size of regular mini pumpkins. I picked them because I thought they'd make fine donuts with a repaint, but once they were home, I don't know. I'm now thinking I'd have a hard time painting these because I like them so much as natural pumpkins.

These were also seen as potential donuts. They're super tiny. I just don't know. On second glance, with the glitter, they might not be the best to repaint. Plus, they're looking cute stashed here and there with other decorations.

These next deals were just outstanding. I went back when things were marked 70% off at Target, but they were truly down to 90% off. I really hit that right! First off is this giant tote. This is seriously massive and was only 30¢. It has already been put to use holding Halloween gift wrap materials.

And I love this slinky cat!

A bunch of plastic cauldrons for 30¢

I think the next several items ranged from 10 to 25¢

Nail decals

The other side of the nail decals. Cute little foxes!

And yet more nail decals. These are pretty hard to pass up at 10¢.

These are the super strong and skinny Wilton sticks. These are probably intended to work with cake pops, but I think they're good for crafting.

10¢ twine

I'm trying to decide how to use this box for storage. I have a few different ideas for it. I was lucky to score the last of these. I liked that black and metallic purple line of decorations Target had this year.

Speaking of that line... I scored the last 31 and for only 80¢! If you've seen this in person, you know how cool it is.

Look at that purple metallic edge! It reminds me of gold leaf, except it's purple.

Speaking of pretty, shiny objects, check out this mercury glass candle holder. It's super fun to find the general fall stuff at 90% off because you can put it out right away. I think this will also look nice at Christmas. I only realized after leaving the store that the candle inside has a pear scent. Another item for 30¢.

On to the rest of the 90% off general autumn finds. I got the last of these garlands. I was getting better floral deals today at Target than at Dollar Tree! This garland cost 50¢.

It looks fairly real up close, doesn't it? It looks like a vine that should be climbing up a wall.

Here's another item I got the last of. Check out these beautiful gold leaves! (30¢) They're already in a vase.

And these pretty realistic looking little apples (30¢):

I put all three of the last items together to show you how pretty and fall-like they look in a group. You're looking at $1.10 of stuff here!

This very solid wood leaf was 10¢! The edges are painted gold. I'm thinking I'm going to paint it to look stained in a kind of ombré way, from red to orange to yellow.

This was one of the more exciting finds: real gourds! And what a selection. I picked up two bags of these. Each cost 50¢. They came in these purple net bags.

And here's what they look like after being released! How pretty and what a selection. $1.00 for all these gourds! They've already been made into a Thanksgiving display and will no doubt be moved from place to place.

The cashier and I were talking about what a great deal I got on all this stuff and how another woman who'd come through that day saved $50 on a bunch of 90% off computer accessories. She told me I could see how much I saved on my receipt. So here's my total: $5.92 ($6.20 with tax)

And here are my savings: $53.55!!!!!! I read that to the cashier as my mouth dropped open. That felt pretty awesome.

So that's all from Target this year. Onto Walgreens...

The only after Halloween finds from Walgreens this year are actually everyday finds for me. It so happened that I needed a pearly white eyeliner stick and they had some half price ones with their Halloween makeup. I liked this eyeliner so much that I went back and bought a second one. Sometimes I've found some great makeup deals after Halloween. There's nothing especially Halloweeny about some of it either!

Onto Michaels... Check out this adorable bat bucket! These are great for holding makeup brushes or pencils and pens. If you don't know the trick for holding these supplies in little can, it's coffee beans. They not only hold things in place but they smell great.

These urns and berry garlands were separate. And the candles aren't from this year, but they are from Michaels! I just thought all these pieces looked cool together. Michaels has a lot of stuff at 80% off that they're calling autumn, but it's everyday in my opinion. These urns fit with that everyday theme. Some of the "autumn" stuff is pretty large and if you have the space to put it in, you could score an amazing deal now.

And lastly, this wood house kit came from Jo-Ann's today:

It was extremely easy to piece together. There are slots in a piece of wood and you slide each piece into those. Then you get this! I can't wait to paint it.

So that is this year's After Halloween Haul! As usual, there are things in here that I never saw during October. I don't know if they were hiding under a shelf or in a storage room or what. There are always fun surprises during these after holiday sales. So, did you guys find any great deals? I hope you all manage to score some of this 90% off stuff at Target. It's a real thrill!


  1. One of these years I'm going to get out on 11/1 and do some bargain shopping.

    1. Dex ~ I figured you did! You'll get some nice 50% off deals on 11/1 but you'll get the insane type of deals I was getting at Target about a week after Halloween. Still, if there was something you really had your eye on, I'd say to go the day after because everything goes so fast!

  2. I had to work all day 11/1, then had a meeting that night so I didn't get home until after 10pm! So no day-after shopping for me :( I've only managed to get a few things from At Home & Kroger of all places!

    1. Lisa ~ Aww, well I bet you'll get some even better deals if you go out now. I have a feeling if you get to Target really soon you might just get some super cheap stuff! I haven't been to At Home much since Halloween. I think I was there a day or two after Halloween and they didn't have much left. What did you get at At Home?