Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bayview Halloween House Tour

So here we have what was supposed to be this year's Halloween blog post, but you're going to get it for Thanksgiving! This goes to show how time has been moving lately. I've been looking forward to sharing these photos from Bayview's Halloween house tour. Some people in this neighborhood made the plan to really decorate their houses for Halloween. A list of house addresses was shared, so a person could know where to stop. 

You guys might remember all the many carved pumpkins that were in Bayview last year for the Pumpkin Pavilion celebration. Well, that would have been kind of a crowd gatherer, so I think they planned this in place of it. The houses did not disappoint! 

Check out this one with the teeth. It was one of my favorites.

The "jaw" is kind of unhinging here, which I didn't realize until seeing this photo at home. And there are some sort of Tim Burton looking tentacles reaching up there. They remind of the sandworms from Beetlejuice a bit.

Chomp! I was just thinking how these teeth must look from inside the window.

"Beware of House"

If I had to guess, I'd say that this figure was constructed with Saran Wrap over a metal frame. I would be interested to know what the materials were. I don't really understand what's going on, but it sure is creepy! This display took up much of a front window. Wait, does that look like a real-life cat lounging in front of the figure? I seriously only noticed that just now.

I like the way the different colors blend together on this house. I'm not sure why, but this is one of the creepier photos for me. Lighting can do some pretty magic things.

And how fun is this one? It's like a carnival ride.

I think I remember seeing this same inflatable in Cedarburg a few Halloweens ago. You can see the lights kind of move around in its head.

This inflatable Frankenstein display surrounded an entire entryway. I don't think I've ever seen an inflatable that does that. It would work well as a group photo backdrop. 

The owners of this house just went to town! I recall getting out of the car and having to take a cold walk to get the following photos. While walking by a neighboring house, I noticed the shadowy figure of a man sitting on the porch. I just noticed him out of the corner of my eye, and it was one of those things where you wonder if it is a person or a prop. Between him and the chilly weather, I was in a hurry to take these skeleton photos.

Can you read that sign? "WARNING Unattended children will be captured and used for medical experiments" That reminds me of some sassy signs I've seen in stores.

I like that giant werewolf thing. It looks worn out. It's walking like "Oh, my aching neck!"

That head on the stained torso is pretty creepy.

I think this zombie is a woodcutting?

This one is a classic. They had the perfect shapes and windows to work with. I think those figures in the attic are extra spooky. I'm assuming they are props.

Here's a bit closer of a view so you can see those cool rainbow light strings in the windows and the alien in the doorway.

This yard had the kind of big moving decorations you see in hardware stores. You know, those life-size ones that talk to you.

There's a pool of water in the middle of all this action.

This tree had something ominous to say, but I can't remember what it was now. Pretty cool with those red, glowing eyes!

The Reaper...

It was hard for me to choose which photo of this to post. I took several and in each one the lights were different colors. In some photos the jack-o-lantern is lit up. I like the pumpkin dark and shadowy, though.

Actually, you can see the pumpkin lit up a little here. It was difficult to choose a skeleton dragon photo to share too. It looked good in every color. There will be a dog skeleton coming up with a similar situation. Thinking back on this display, it must have been changing colors every few seconds.

I think this is scary, even knowing it was a prop, and knowing it's my own photo.

A ghoulie out walking his dogs:

And here's that skeleton dog pic I mentioned. It looked cool in purple and orange too, but I think it's best in ghoulish green. This yard really was lit well.

A gargoyle: 

I saved what appeared to be the most popular yard for last. At least, there were a ton of people in this yard. This one had a Ghostbusters theme and here they are crossing their streams. 

And here's Gozer! So much work went into this. Check out those glowing rope lights that are wrapped around something (thin poles?) to form the streams. 

Here's what I managed to get of the Ghostbusters. And how cool! I didn't even notice Zuel there until right this second! Wow, that's really looking like the real deal.

Well, there we have it! Pretty impressive displays, eh? I hope to see the massive Pumpkin Pavilion display out next Halloween, but I'd be happy if they keep up this elaborate house decorating too! I liked how people went in so many different directions with their themes. And I also appreciated the professional looking lighting on these displays. They were a ton of fun to photograph. If it hadn't been freezing out there, it probably would have been hard to drag me away from looking.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁


  1. Yes, it was different this year, but great to see the Halloween spirit alive and well! Amazing decorations too. Where do they get them? Happy Thanksgiving Justine.

    1. Alison ~ Yes, the Halloween spirit was very alive and well in this neighborhood! Actually, it was alive even closer to home. I think people overall put more effort into their Halloween decorations this year. It looks like that's going to hold true for Christmas too, because there are already a lot of cool Christmas decorations up around here.

      I would think that most of these Halloween decorations were homemade, although I did recognize some of the talking/light up props from local hardware stores. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! :) I hope you're doing well!