Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Mossy little surprises

Happy Earth Day everyone! It's still pretty cold here, but I have been getting out the past few days and getting in touch with the earth and plants as much as possible. When there isn't much growing out there, it makes you pay even closer attention to what you can find.

And I had to pay some really close attention, because what was out there was tiny. I need to share another view of this moss, because it's just so fantastic. This is like a whole miniature landscape.

This next photo was taken inside a flower pot. I'm not sure what we're looking at in front of the moss here. I'll have to keep an eye on that and see what grows. But whatever we're looking at here is a whole lot smaller in real life. The little greenery here is sandwiched between a plastic water bottle and what I'd call a regular size rock. So yeah, pretty small! This little combination of growing something reminds me of an undersea plant or creature.

These next three are moss creatures in my mind. If you put tiny googly eyes on them, I think it would be a fun take on that Christopher Walken sketch on SNL. For those who don't remember, I found a bit of it set to music: Googly Walken

And these are so soft!

I love this little guy. Put him in a miniature trash can, and he's a mini Oscar the Grouch. The wheels in my mind are turning here... If I can find a tiny trash can, I might just transplant him into it. Or maybe just a small tin can could work.

These next pics again appear much larger than reality. It was one of those things where I didn't even know the details that were there until seeing my photos.

They're like miniature flower shapes, aren't they?

This lichen isn't moss but it seemed to fit with the other photos. It has that repetitive growth pattern. It's going to town on a tree here.

And you can't get more earthy than rocks. This rock was a fun find, because there are some fossil shapes on it.

It looks like a sea shell, doesn't it? And I really like how it looks on that weathered wood.

Back to the moss, I was doing some interesting reading about "Moss People". This is new to me: Moss People Wiki Page

This is worth a read, especially if you're into some German fairy folklore. I would normally have thought of this as more an Irish thing, so this was a surprise.

I hope you guys had a nice Earth Day and had a chance to get out there. I also hope you have better weather than we do! Would you believe it snowed here a little last night? Oh well, the moss seems happy. 😊


  1. Hi!
    My name is Jan and I came across your blog and found this post very interesting.
    I am now a follower. I have always loved favorite holiday, too.
    I love it all. I collect witches, ghosts and more.
    I will be visiting again soon 🍁🎃🌙

    1. Hi Jan! Welcome to my blog! :) And look at those cool emojis! I don't think I've ever had emojis in my blog comments before. Thanks for following and for your sweet comment. It's always fun to have a new Halloween person around! I'll have to check out your blog too.

  2. I totally forgot about Earth Day this year. This damn virus thing is all you hear about now. I'm dropping by to wish you a Happy Halfoween! Halfway to Halloween!

  3. Alison ~ Oh, I know. The virus is really stealing the show. What's interesting in connection to both the virus and Earth Day is how less polluted the world is right now (In comparison to right before Covid hit). I have to wonder if people will get a head's up after noticing how the air and water are suddenly much cleaner with less vehicles/boats/planes out. I'd like to see something good come out of this, for the environment at least!

    Halfoween? Already? Wow, where is the time going? I've heard a lot of people say that their sense of time is totally off now. I feel like time is moving a lot faster. It's weird, you'd think it would be the opposite. Anyway, a Happy Halfoween to you too! :)

  4. This moss is so dreamy, enchanting and utterly gorgeous! Wouldn't it be incredible to shrink down to the size of a ladybug (or perhaps slightly bigger, faery) and explore it that size, where each tuft might appear like a tree set in the most verdant forest imaginable? My heart skips a beat at the mere thought.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Witchcrafted Life ~ Hello and welcome to my blog! :) Wow, I love the descriptive image you painted. Yeah, if I could shrink down to a tiny size and explore the moss I definitely would! The moss pictured here is far smaller than it appears. I didn't see many of the mossy details until loading my photos on the computer.

      The sort of sea creature looking part on the moss in the third pic was gone the day after I photographed it! I went out to take a better look at it and was shocked it see it had been dug up. It must have been quite the tasty treat for some animal. They left the rest of the fuzzy moss there.