Monday, October 14, 2019

Halloween at Target

I can't believe that I just recently made it to Target this late in the Halloween season! That probably has a lot to do with my favorite Target going out last year. This is my first Halloween without it. Not that this other one is far away, it just doesn't have that familiar feeling for me.

Anyway... This Target had some pretty cool new surprises. Have you guys seen this prop? It looks like the top of a coffin and this light effect of a skeleton pops up and waves as you trip the motion sensor.

In other skeleton goodness, Target has a pretty good Day of the Dead selection this year.

These next two photos are serving as some inspiration for my next craft. I'm going to try making a mini Day of the Dead display in a small box.

"Mango Loco" Monster energy juice. This sounds nasty but I love the box! I don't know, has anyone tried this and liked it?

This is a close-up of a favorite gift bag.

A friendly snake candleholder:


In other lizard pics, how cute is this character? He was listed as a dragon.

Remember him from last year? I remembered this prop but not what he says. I guess I wasn't in the mood to try it out and refresh my memory.

This wood Halloween village was something fun and new.

A spooky movie theater!

The cemetery gates:

I bet you guys have seen photos of actual real pumpkins with these viny arms and legs. I think you can buy sets of arms and legs now that you can stick into a pumpkin. These guys were pretty small, I'd say maybe the pumpkins were three inches.

It looks like that bat cat is going to take a bite out of the pumpkin.

I thought these were so cute! They remind me of some vintage cartoon skeletons I've seen. It looks like you put them in your yard to give that skeleton coming out of the ground look.

This was a favorite! A skeleton DJ. I wonder if you can actually set this up to play music. Well, you could stick a CD player under it anyway. Imagine how fun this would be set up at a table for a Halloween party! And I'm just now noticing those adorable cutout skeletons at the top of the signs.

Neon skull:

I got a kick out of this: "Hey Boo!" Did anyone else watch The Parkers back in the day? If so, you'll know why this made me laugh.

So how does this compare to the selection at your Target stores? Who knows, maybe by now a lot of this is gone. I've noticed Halloween things flying off the shelves at some stores. Hopefully they save me something for this year's After Halloween Haul!

P.S. ~ If you have a Jo-Ann craft store near you, it's worth stopping by now. They are having some super deals on Autumn and Halloween stuff! They're having the kind of sales I used to expect after Halloween.


  1. I need everything when it comes to Halloween decorations. There's very little in England. As I've mentioned before, its not celebrated much here. I have to content myself with envying your variety over there.

    1. Alison ~ I wonder if Target would ship to England? Or if any of the stores I've shared stuff from would. That would be cool. Maybe Ebay or Amazon could be a solution? I'm still kind of surprised that Halloween stuff hasn't become popular in the stores where you are. I'm sure people would be into it!

      You still have time to get DIYing as far as Halloween decor goes. I've been doing a lot of Halloween and Day of the Dead crafting the past few days and will be blogging about the finished crafts pretty soon. :)

  2. PS hope your having a spooky October, this warm weather once again is crazy.

    1. Bob ~ I am having a spooky and very busy October! Hope you are too. :) The photos are just adding up over here. I think you'll enjoy the next blog post I've been working on. You don't get more Halloween themed than what's coming up!

      Warm weather? What the heck? Well, today was pretty nice actually. But we got hit with some cold stuff this past week. And they're saying this week will be low 50s/upper 40s. Ugh. I'm just hoping it's nice again next weekend so I can sit outside for Trick-or-Treat night.

      And yeah, I love that theatre too!